Creating together a heart-centered Permaculture healing community (committing at least for one month)



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    We are striving for:

    ∞ a loving respectful co-existence in harmony with
    ∞ growing an intentional Permaculture community
    ∞ studying and applying phenomena observed in
    ∞ practicing healthy living and natural restoration

    We welcome you with open arms to share in a joyous and unique holistic lifestyle exploring the magic of all there is!
    We invite responsible, committed open-hearted nature loving kinfolk to becoming a vital part of our community.

    Just a few minutes walk uphill from the open-minded and multi-cultural village of Uvita, we are located on the edge of the mountain rain forest in walking distance from the beaches of the National Marine Park Bahia Ballena on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica.
    We are living right next to refreshing waterfalls and gorges river pools. Uvita and the surrounding area offers many tourist attractions and travelers can find everything they may want or need. 

    We offer a unique experience here …

    ∞ a month-long Work Exchange program for living,
    working, studying and enjoying with us.
    ∞ mind-opening introductory classes, and ongoing
    guidance, on creating a more happy and healthy
    planet, and a healing lifestyle.
    ∞ a evolving community experience. Our numbers
    fluctuate with the seasons (varying from 3-8). With
    your help we will continue to grow into a free-of-
    charge hands-on educational retreat, for co-
    learning about natural health and healing, natural
    and sustainable living, yoga & meditation.

    From Workawayers we request:

    ∞ a minimum commitment of one month (early
    booking is required January through April)
    ∞ that you participate with your full heart, creative
    energy, practical experience and intention to evolve
    ∞ 3-4 hours of creative labor, 5 days a week, in the
    early morning
    (avoiding the heat of the day or early rain) (exact
    work days and hours are flexible)
    ∞ communally creating meals and keeping the house
    clean and beautiful (serving part of the daily house
    ∞ Since we are not yet a fully producing farm, we
    cannot provide your food free of charge. We ask for
    a monthly food donation of $150 or more
    (minimum one month, no weekly or daily rates).
    This does not cover the real costs of your
    stay ( eg., food transport, monthly bills such as
    electricity, internet, phone, water and candles,
    laundry, toilet paper,
    lightbulbs, broken glasses, educational
    books,etc.) Therefore, we have a donation box.

    Your experience will be what you make of it.

    As part of our holistic lifestyle, our intention is for you to enjoy: 

    ∞ a simple, almost exclusively raw plant based diet,
    with an opportunity to fast
    ∞ a natural, tranquil and peaceful environment with a
    minimum of artificial intrusions
    (please bring only organic insect repellent, natural
    scented body care, biodegradable soap and
    shampoo, if at all) 
    ∞ slowing down soon after dinner (after 8pm quietly
    by candle light)
    ∞ resting early and getting up early 
    ∞ celebrating at dawn the ancient Agnihotra fire ritual
    ∞ half an hour meditation and a sharing circle after
    the Homa-Therapy
    ∞ casual public nudity 
    ∞ Sunday in silence (fasting encouraged) and a
    Weekly Worldwide Peace Meditation (join us from
    at home
    internationally at 11.11pm Cairo time)
    search for video: 

    We like to inspire each volunteer to relax, enjoy and explore ways in which they can
    incorporate the introduced concepts into their own lives and inspire others to do the same.

    If you are not feeling committed to, or truly interested in, living a simple and purely natural lifestyle (at least during your time here), this is NOT your place, for now.

    A typical day might look like:
    After a wonderful morning spent connecting with the land, creating and learning, you can simply relax, study further, play with arts and crafts or enjoy your afternoons visiting one of the amazing beaches, waterfalls and other attractions. At sunset we join to create the most delicious and healthy dinner, sharing our thoughts and feelings, take turns playing the guitar or exhibiting other talents. Alternatively, we just hangout reading, relaxing, practicing Spanish, studying medicinal herbs or learning something new about nature and our relationship with her.

    There is always plenty to do and discover, and there is an abundance of amazing people to share in the fun, the creative work and the learning!

    We are looking forward working with you for a more happy and healthy planet and people!

    Please keep reading below for further directions.

  • Type of help

    Type of help

    General Maintenance
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Art project
    Help with Computers / internet

  • Help


    We are open to people that can wholeheartedly commit to working towards a happier and healthier planet and people.

    We are seeking self-motivated part-time helpers who are flexible, dependable, creative and efficient. Come with the desire to learn and co-create and with a sense of curiosity and an ability to observe, learn, grow and share.

    We ask that you commit for at least one month and prefer that you stay much longer.

    Our work exchange program usually starts on Monday and we ask you to arrive on the weekend before. We encourage you to come a couple of days before to enjoy our place as a guest, discover the region, meet the community and find out how things work here.

    We work on all kinds of tasks in the gardens, in and around the house.
    Besides maintaining our food forest we are working on a new living structures, creating more planting areas, creating a bigger aquaponic setup, planting more fruit trees, bananas, pineapples, and other edibles and constantly beautifying the place.

    Please bring your own gloves, a flashlight and sturdy shoes or tracking sandals.

    If you are interested in coming, please contact us early since places are limited and very early booked for all dry season and times of vacation.

    Email also again at least 3-4 weeks before you are coming for possible changes and to see if you maybe can help us bringing some books, seeds, or other supplies we might need.
    We will order them online to you or ask you to get them and reimburse you at arrival.

    Thank you for your interest.
    We’re looking forward to meeting you and working with you towards a more sustainable relationship between humans and Mother Earth.

    Please keep reading below for further directions.

  • Languages spoken

    Languages spoken

    English, Deutsch, Español

  • Accommodation


    We invite you to sleep in one of our many hammocks, or one of our fewer mattresses - both in the second floor on the Yoga deck in our open house or under one of our large roofs away from the main house for more tranquility. You can also bring your own tent for a bit more privacy, which can be put almost anywhere in the gardens, including under a roof. If you require other types of accommodation contact us and maybe we will have something else available for the time you will be here.

    We share a beautiful open house with a nice and simple kitchen, blender, a fridge, a washing machine, electricity 110V/220V, internet, phone, cold and hot showers and a lot more. Its very nice living in a nature setting with ponds and fruit trees and an amazing wildlife just everywhere! 

    The village of Uvita offers all you need, including big supermarkets, banks, ATMs, restaurants, bars, all kind of stores, pharmacies, medical care centers (including a dentist), beauty and massage salons, tourist information, car rentals, bicycle rentals, adventure tourism, internet cafes, taxis, buses and many other services and facilities.

    It’s easy to get here by bus from San Jose or from the Panama boarder.

    Read below for directions to find us.

  • What else ...

    What else ...

    Its easy to find us: 

    --> fly Costa Rica SAN JOSE Airport (SJO)
    from here you got two options PUBLIC BUS or SHARED SHUTTLE

    --> take a taxi or city bus to San Jose TRACOPA Bus Station
    --> take any DIRECTO bus going ZONA SUR / PANAMA, 
    all buses stop in Uvita ( takes about $20 & 4+ hours )

    --> arrange a shared shuttle service direct to Uvita at (EASYRIDE, currently $59) 
    They will pick you up at the airport or your San Jose hotel and bring you direct to down town Uvita.

    Find Banco de Costa Rica and take a taxi or walk to the Waterfall.
    A taxi downtown is about $4.
    Walking takes about 20-25 minutes.
    We live diagonal from the Waterfall.
    Our entrance is a gate made out of trees, at the end of the waterfall parking on the left hand side

    Welcome HOME.

  • A little more information

    A little more information

    • Internet access

    • Limited internet access

      Limited internet access

    • We have pets

    • We are smokers

  • ...

    Volunteering hours expected

    Maximum 4 hours, 5 days a week (work hours and days may vary)

  • ...

    This host charges a fee

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    Why does allow listings of hosts who charge money?

    In developing countries (Where most hosts are involved in charity work or community development) some of our hosts may ask for a small donation to help the host family or charity (often less then 5 dollars per day) Workaway will allow this listing when the donation goes directly to the family or charity and is just to cover the cost of the volunteer's stay.  (This will be clearly marked on the host listing).
    We will strictly not allow listings posted by agents, “middle men” or projects who we feel are looking to profit from a volunteers stay.



    We ask for a contribution to your food: $5 per day


Click images to enlarge

The Bronzy Hermit, one of the many species of birds that reside with us at the lodge. This bird often comes right into the restaurant.
A Humpback whale tail. Within walking distance of the Ballena National Marine Park, one of Costa Rica’s premier marine viewing areas.
The Fiery-billed Aracari, a daily visitor. This one was in the papaya just off the patio.
The Howler monkeys often provide our ‘wake-up call’ at around 5:30. This one was part of a group that we watched in March, just off the patio in the big fig tree.
This amazing waterfall (the drop is even higher behind me) is just a 45-minute walk into the mountains.
This is ‘our’ waterfall, just a 4-minute walk and across the dirt road. It’s about 30 feet (10 meters) high.
The ‘massage’ available in the waterfall — if you can take it!
The couch we sometimes have available for volunteers
Thats our little kitchen.
A view into the basement.
Hammocks at the basement.
Thats where we and our cars hangout.
Hammocks at the second floor.
Thats our breakfast table and where we hang out.
Thats how our breakfast looks sometimes.
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