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Helping in our farmhouse,in beautiful Le Marche, Italy

Land: Italien


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We (Graham and Saranne) live here with our two daughters who go to school just across the valley in Colmurano. We live in this area of Italy mainly because of its similarities to Graham's home country of Ireland; from the landscape to the outlook of the local people. We love everything that Le Marche and its people represent: the Marchigiani are hard-working yet have a relaxed approach to life, a deep-rooted sense of tradition and a strong community spirit. Above all, they are warm and friendly people who love a story over a glass or two!!

We are currently looking for people to help with the following:

Planting our natural swimming pond
Building outdoor steps and fencing
Preparing veggie plots
An art project with a caravan!
General land maintenance
Pruning olive trees
Harvesting wood
Some indoor work/maintenance/help around the house (usually only in bad weather)

If you're interested - send us a message. Here's some more about us......

We moved here to take advantage of the beautiful peace and quiet that both this house and the surrounding area offers and to provide our children with a safe and yet also challenging place to grow up. It was our dream and it is now a wonderful reality. That's not to say it isn't hard work - it is a farmhouse after all! We spend most of our free time from our careers tending to the land and the house. (Graham works for the local wineries and Saranne's career is divided between a love of theatre, writing and being a full-time mum.) Our olive trees, veggie patches and vines need constant care and, of course, when the time comes to harvest it is all hands on deck! September is time for grapes, October/November is olive harvest and the veggie patch supplies us with delicious produce all year round which naturally means we are also planting most of the year to ensure a steady flow of food. Then there's making jams and preserves to make use of all the fruits growing on our land - figs, persimmon, pears, apples, elderberries, blackberries, walnuts, almonds, peaches to name just a few of a wide variety!

There are many ways to describe our interests and passions in life – but no specifics quite fit. We share a deep interest in wine, theatre, history and culture, slowfood and the wonders and adventures of the outdoors and that’s why we live here as they are all in abundance in this area of Le Marche. It's funny - we love living life on the slow side but there's always so much to do!



Arten von Arbeit

handwerkliche Arbeiten,
Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten,
Hilfe mit Touristen,
Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten


Over the years, it has been our aim to manage this farmhouse using a mix of traditional methods and permaculture systems. We are in the final stages of building a natural swimming pool, an outside cooking area with shower and also further stone walls, paths and veggie patches. Further to this, there is work tending, pruning and harvesting the olive grove that surrounds our land (over 300 trees) and work at the local winery throughout the year. Finally, when we have paying guests in our holiday accommodation, there is also an opportunity to help and entertain them during their stay.

gesprochene Sprachen

Fluent English, excellent German, good Italian and Gaelic, basic French and Spanish


We fell in love with this farmhouse the minute we saw it as we emerged from the windy avenue of trees just above it. Blossom was growing just outside the front door and it all looked so welcoming. Once I went inside, I felt like a child again because of all the nooks and crannies there were to explore! Of course, at that time, it was a true 'rustico' without any kitchen or bathroom. It did have water and electricity but at a very basic level so our portable solar shower came in very handy for our first few visits! After many years of renovation, our home is warm and comfortable and retains the spirit of the original house and owners.

The house is made up of three different, yet connected buildings which have been restored by an amazing team of local builders and a fantastic geometra (surveyor/architect/planner and, in our case, now also a great friend). We live in the bottom third of the house and the top two thirds are rented out as holiday accommodation. We have tried to recreate the original spirit of the house and as a result there is a little bit of ducking to do! On the ground floor of the first house, the original cowshed, woodstore, olive oil and wine rooms have been renovated into a self-catering apartment including an ensuite double or twin bedroom, kitchen, dining and living space as well as a private terrace with beautiful views. On the first and second floors there are three separate bedrooms linked by a central staircase with an additional bathroom. Each has its own character – one has stunning views of the Sibillini mountains, another was originally the kitchen with an open fire and intriguing cubbyhole and the attic room, which was originally used for storage, is now wonderfully cosy and romantic. However, most importantly for us, is the fact that the previous owner, who tends his land on the opposite side and whose family had lived in this house for over 300years, is happy to see the house modernised and cared for and his approval means more to us than anything else.

During your visit, you will be able to stay in our spare rooms when we have no guests, or in our caravan or tent when we have paying guests. Either way, you will be part of our family and welcomed as such.

Was noch ...

Our farmhouse is in a rural setting - the nearest town is 2.5km away and public transport is very limited. However, we drive into town almost every day and, at least once a week, into the nearest city. In any case, the travel limitations are more than made up for by the spectacular, rolling hills of Le Marche scenery - punctuated by beautiful rivers, valleys, dramatic mountain ranges and over 150 km of coastline. Sublimely tranquil, the historical hilltop towns and stunning cities of this area are awe-inspiring. For those, like us, interested in art, history and culture, the churches, museums, galleries, theatres, shrines and roman ruins in this area are plentiful. It is a meticulously preserved treasure trove of times past. In fact, we find that travelling through this region’s countryside is best done off the beaten track. There is so much more to discover by leaving the map behind and getting lost!

Etwas mehr Information

Internet access
Limited internet access
We have pets
We are smokers


Flexible hours - we need you to be open to change!!

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