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Projekt mit Kindern in Sachsen

Land: Deutschland

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We are an autonomous house project that provides rent-free live/work space for its members, as well as services to the neighborhood.

In the Coworking space, parents can work and bring their kids along. Volunteers babysit. (RIGHT NOW WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR BABYSITTERS)
In the Café/Bar, we offer dinner on some weekdays and breakfast on sundays. Volunteers prepare food or man the bar. Or renovate! :-) (NO PLACEMENTS IN THIS AREA; SORRY!)

We offer food and lodging in exchange for a 25 hour week*. We try to schedule two days off per week, but these are not necessarily on weekends.

* 5 hours are typical domestic tasks that you would be doing in your own apartment anyway (cooking, cleaning, shopping).



Arten von Arbeit

handwerkliche Arbeiten,


We need two volunteers as regular babysitters (10-12 AM and 1-4 PM). The babysitters ought to have experience with children aged 0-3. Basic German is helpful, but not critical. It's not possible to do this job only a few days per week, as the children need to get used to the new babysitters. The minimum stay is 3 weeks. Please don't apply if you can't stay at least 3 weeks :-)

We need one/two volunteer who is willing to man the bar on thursday nights, prepare food on some weekdays, help cleaning on saturdays and help in the kitchen on sundays. *You need to have cooking skills!* We cook vegan, so if you have experience with vegan food, that's cool, but it's not a must, if you have good cooking skills, we're sure you can learn to cook vegan quickly!
We can arrange for two free days per week, but they won't be on the weekends! In July and August, we'll only serve the breakfast on sundays (so we need the preparation on saturday and manning the kitchen on sundays), and the other days, we'll renovate or only serve dinners. It's guaranteed that you only work 20 hours in the project and 5 hours in general maintenance (dinner, cleaning, shopping, like everybody else in the house). The minimum length of stay is 3 weeks. Please do not apply if you can't stay for at least 3 weeks :-)

There are 2-3 volunteers with us at a time. Long stays have priority over short stays. A stay shorter than 3 weeks is not possible, since training and introducing people to the house takes time. Families are welcome.

We know from reading your profile that you are open-minded, responsible, and hard-working. You love traveling and learning about other cultures. You don't have much experience, but you are a quick learner. If you'd like to send any other info about yourself, we'd be grateful! :-)

****Please let us know if it is okay to share your profile with other volunteers whose stays would overlap with yours. We vote on bringing new people into the house.*****

We know from experience that a lot of people fall in love with Leipzig and decide to stay, or were looking to stay in the first place. In fact, we still have rooms available for people who are looking for an opprotunity to build a life in Germany and would like to participate in an alternative house project. We are looking specifically for:
- a FEMALE person (seriously, don't ask if it's OK to be male... we are trying to achieve a balance in the house)
- around 30 years old or older (we are more flexibel on this point)
- interested in VEGAN COOKING - there is the possibility to become the chef of the bistro area.
- interested in sustainability: The topics degrowth, decrecencia, sustainability, financial crisis, CSA, permaculture, peak oil etc. interest you - you want to live in an alternative environment that is concerned with finding solutions for *urban residencies* to the current problems we face in terms of financing our lives, the over-consumption of the planet's resources, ecology in general
- You would start out as a volunteer until the project generates an income for you.
- if you are interested in living here, but have no skills in cooking, but have your own sustainability idea (for instance: building bike-machines, cargo-bikes, a repair shop, clothes repair, urban gardening, CNC-router, fablab, DIY-furniture .... ) or a business that could in the long term generate a salary for you and benefit the other house members or areas, we are interested in proposals!
- feel free to share our search for this longterm opportunity with your friends!

Lastly, this is an *alternative* house project. This means you might encounter someone with long hair asking embarrassing questions about the financial system, education, food, anything. If you live with your mom or watch television, please ask for our website address first. We are happy to provide you information about the mental dangers you face.

gesprochene Sprachen

German, English, Spanish, French


There are 8 guest rooms in the house, which are partially renovated, but furnished and clean. Normally there is one person per room, but friends may share a large room. In the winter, heating is carried out with Victorian-era coal furnaces. There is one tiled bathrooms, the other ones are in some intermediate state of renovation. There are three public WCs on other floors. There are three kitchens. We are using the Bar/Bistro as our living room/lounge and main kitchen.

We cook mainly vegan, but there are no militant vegans in the house.

Was noch ...

About the house:
We live in a beautiful house constructed in 1885, 15 minutes from the center of the city. We found it three years ago, abandoned, trashed, and selling cheap. Electricity and water services have been restored for the most part. About 90% of the house is now habitable. The house project includes an events space, bistro, coworking/day-care, workshop, storage spaces, three kitchens, language classes and plenty of bedrooms.

Leipzig is graciously endowed with many parks, beautiful architecture, and is surrounded by many lakes. Leipzig has an excellent tram system, and for better or for worse, you have excellent access to it from our house. Our neighborhood Lindenau, and Plagwitz, to the south, are Leipzig's alternative quarters. We participate in events hosted by allied house projects and we host events ourselves.

When you write us, it would be very helpful if you answered the following questions:

1) From when to when are you available?
2) how long would you like to stay?
3) is it OK to send your profile to house members and other volunteers, whose stay might overlap with yours, for voting?

Thank you very much!

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Internet access
Limited internet access
We have pets
We are smokers



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In one site children can socialize and play while their parents are working nearby on laptop and phone. Our other site is used for lectures, meetings, workshops, and parties. We offer dinner on thursdays and breakfast on sundays for the neighborhood at low cost. Damaged or outdated infrastructure is slowly being replaced, making more more of the house usable. We battle leaks in the roof and crumbling bricks in the basement. So far, so good. Thank you dear helpers!

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