The Complete Workaway Guidebook

Essential and inspirational reading for travellers, hosts and anyone interested in the Workaway movement.

Created with both Workawayers and Hosts in mind, to provide you with in-depth information about Workaway philosophy, volunteering and travelling.

Over 20 Chapters and 160+ pages including:

  • Great tips on designing your profile, planning your trip and making it happen!
  • Hands-on advice on how to be a savvy traveller away from home.
  • Lots of inspiring anecdotes and quotes from both Workawayers and Hosts.
  • Tons of original photos taken during Workaway exchanges.

The book costs just 12.95 USD. You can purchase it directly by clicking on the button below. Logged in Workawayers and Hosts receive a special price of 8.50 USD.

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Table of contents

Chapter 1 Welcome to Workaway

Chapter 2 Volunteering vs Working

Chapter 3 What Hosts are Looking for

Chapter 4 Getting to Know You

Chapter 5 Money Makes the World Go Around?

Chapter 6 Trailblazing &
Transportation Tips

Chapter 7 Looking After

Chapter 8 Safety and

Chapter 9 Companion or Complainer

Chapter 10 The Silver Surfer Sector

Chapter 11 Travelling & Workawaying with Kids

Chapter 12 Countdown to Take Off

Chapter 13 What to Pack?

Chapter 14 Once You're There

Chapter 15 Travel Etiquette & Cultural Awareness

Chapter 16 When Things Dont Go to Plan

Chapter 17 Making Tracks Whilst Keeping Track

Chapter 18 Character Building Experiences

Chapter 19 The Top Apps for Travelling & More...

Chapter 20 Happily Ever After Workaway