A selection of our feedback from hosts and workawayers

My stay with Britta, Andrew and Elisa was a time of fun and happiness. Thank you Britta and Andrew for the warm welcome in your beautiful house. I felt at home from the very the first moment. You are really warm-hearted and easy-going. Because I had no car, Britta and Andrew took me along to wonderful trips around Golden Bay. The highlight was our day-trip to Wharariki Beach that I enjoyed very much. Playing with cute Elisa was always a pleasure for me. My work was also very kindly selected by my hosts. I had to sand and oil an old piece of furniture. I loved it because at the end of my stay I was happy to show the result. Thank you so much Britta and Andrew for sharing your home and life with me. I miss you and hope to see you again as soon as possible!
While I am incredibly late writing a review; this in no way reflects my feelings toward this incredible, unique family. It may sound cliché, but from the second I arrived, I felt completely at home...Cori, Stefan, Felix, Julia, and even Satchel the Dog are the kind of people dedicated to spreading their joy and laughter to all who are fortunate enough to meet them. Within just a few short weeks I felt I was a valued member of their lovely home; enjoying quality time both one-on-one with the children, or together as a family. Early morning inevitable chaos that follows any family with children under 4 felt like a blessing...and I was grateful for any chance to lighten the load of two hardworking and self-motivated parents. Felix and I took walks, ran races, played ball, built towers, and read countless books together. Julia learned to wave, to clap, and to walk all while I was lucky enough to see her. Cori, Stefan, and I (all being American citizens) commiserated over the state of affairs back home, and comforted each other after the political disaster of November. I am so fortunate, and so grateful to have had this experience, and to have new family in Scotland. My love to all of you.
This is an incredibly and real family Workaway with friendly environment with much to offer someone who is interested in permaculture, alternative living, know about Wilderness and South African community,cooking tipical food , trekking , windsurfing,improve your english,enjoy the pool :). Harald is a fun and passionate teacher who want to improve the world through permaculture and gardering. He was so friendly with me I shared moment with his friends and practiced water sport :). Harald Thanks a lot for show me how live better. I learned a lot permaculta skills so now I will make my garden in my hectare and have delicious vegtables and fruits. His father is so friendly and make jokes all the time , hi was like my father in Africa. He always wanted to help me with my problem with migration. Her mother is friendly as well and she always was helpful and she cooks delicious (afrikaans food and german food). Thanks a lot for be my family in Africa! I promise to came back! You was my best workway experience!
Kevin and Angela... Probably in the top 5 of greatest people in Ireland, staying there was amaizing, was my longest stay so far but felt like wasn't enought and we accomplish so much and we had the most amaizing time, this poeple are super cool and easy going, when it comes to what is has to be done Kevin knows how to administrate the work so it makes it easy at the same time that you achieve big proyects (green house/tunnel, garden, water disposal system, etc) and learn a lot in the process, you will be proud of yourself. Angela is an angel indeed, she is so lovely and will mind you very well, a second mommy pretty much, and both are highly skilled cookers, food is delicious. The place is pretty nice and quite but the city is about 7 minutes from it and you can always spend the weekend in Dublin wich is around 45 minutes away. This was a very epic stay there was never a bad moment but lots of great ones, the people in the area is quite lovely as well the great Irish spirit is around. Also I must mention all the international dinners that we had, some weekends we just went full cool mode and make some Mexican, Indian and Irish dinners and of course their respective drinks with them, all this make it a great environment in my stay there, always laughing and having great time, just like a long holidays while the job is done as well. I will definatelly miss this place, Kevin, Angela and the other kiwi helper... Will, greatest lad ever and exellent worker, I only hope I will come back soon if I have the chance it was just an incredible experience, this people are so chill and kind, the place is beyond beautiful, the pubs are everything you can expect form an Irish pub and even more, and the moonshine will refresh your throat very nicely, for this and for many reasons more I can only recommend this people 110% all the way, an experience you don't want to miss. So I would like to thanks again to Kevin and Angela for the great time I spend there, was an unforgettable experience and I have no words that could express my gratitude to both of you and the people around as well that were so kind and nice, Thank you so so much indeed, my best wishes to you guys today and always, keep it cool and will see eachothers again.
Ann and Charles are really nice and adorable ! If they can, they help you when you need it ! They show you what could you visit in Hobart and in Tasmania. It is not a work, it is a pleasure to help them ! Charles is blind but he is a real blower ! And Ann is a lovely person who needs help because she do a lot of things ! My partner and me can't forget them because they are really really lovely people. Hobart and Tasmania are really a good place to leave and to have fun ! It is really beautiful place with a lot of things to visit.