A selection of our feedback from hosts and workawayers

Pasar un tiempo con Maria es algo que se lo recomiendo a toda persona que desee compartir momentos hermosos con una persona tan sabia como lo es ella. Rapidamente se convirtio en mi mama española para mi. Me ayudo y me enseño muchísimo, y como ella dice, las palabras quedan cortas... Fue mi primer experiencia como voluntaria y estoy agradecida por que haya sido con Maria. Compartimos charlas hermosas y profundas, me contuvo en momentos en los que no me sentía bien y le di masajes con todo mi amor. Ella es fuerte, enérgica, cariñosa, sabia, inteligente y excelente cocinera. Gracias por todo mamá española! Te veré pronto de nuevo!
Ciao Angus e molto molto Grazie for being part of our little family!! What about all those mushrooms??!!! So very glad you had such a wonderful time....working here is as important to us as enjoying the beautiful parts of Abruzzo and I'm so glad you did!! Every time I turn around there's something to remind me of your amazing company and work ethics. Your energy and ideas are all around us still. Thank you for engaging in every challenge from building a stone wall to learning how to mix the mortar and pointing the stone.....not an easy job but one which you took on with intelligence gusto laughter music and great stories......you helped make such a difference and we all achieved so much that week! Thank you for appreciating our environment up here in the mountains too, the peace, the ever changing views the wildlife and most importantly......thank you for the memories of Chess Siesta and fireside Pictionary!!!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Lots of love Lorelei & Peps.....and come back Soooooon!!!
Pricilla and Alisson are the best workaways that any host could hope for. Absolutely nothing is too much trouble, they are intelligent and greatly talented engineers with a great enthusiasm for everything that they do. First of all they visited our French property and stayed for about one month, they accurately measured and drew the most amazing architectural plans of a very large property and provided 3d plans also. They also cleaned the house, maintained the pool and did a huge amount of gardening and weeding. They then went off to Morocco and London to other hosts and after this came to us in our UK property where they have made websites, more architectural drawings, cleaned and painted the house which is huge, done the changeovers for our guests and generally absolutely anything that has been asked of them with great enthusiasm and care. Both of them have a great sense of humour and have kept us laughing for months, they also have a great love for each other and are very caring and kind. I have no doubt that they will carry on with this great attitude throughout their travels as they visit new hosts, we have hosted them for almost three months and never seen the slightest argument or agitation in either of them, they are incredibly easy to live with and very conscientious guests. Thank you both of you for the enormous contribution that you have made to our lives.
Gavyn and I had a truly wonderful and memorable time here. I would have stayed longer if we were able. Marsha and Dave were fantastic hosts and have built an extraordinary farm. Waking up to the view of their creation every morning was magical. We learned how to harvest lavender, bundle and hang lavender, pick berries (by the buckets), fertilize grapes, and harvest rhubarb. And we were able to work at Lavenderfest, which was a fun and a brilliantly beautiful day. With our fellow volunteers, we took trips into Mill Bay, Victoria, and had an amazing weekend trip to Tofino. So many wonderful memories on and off the farm. As our first workaway experience, I think we are quite spoiled. Thank you to everyone... you have changed my life.
I'm at a loss for words on where to even begin describing my time at Francesca's beautiful home. I had previously spent a month in the much busier Catania before deciding that something with a slower pace and involving a higher interaction with nature was needed to continue my journey in Sicily. By the second day, Francesca and I had already formed a close bond that led me to being not only her gardener but also her new cello teacher. Francesca is an accomplished pianist and herself, a piano teacher. It says a great deal about a host who is so eager to learn from others. As a former school teacher, you will immediately notice Francesca has a passion for teaching. As someone who was trying to learn about Sicilian history/culture as well as the Italian language, Francesca was so helpful to me, and in only a month I feel so much more equipped to continue my travels around Italy. After my stay, leaving Francesca was very difficult, as it felt like leaving behind a mother. Francesca's home seems to always be filled with artists. It runs less as a B&B and more like a world renowned artists' retreat, attracting fellow world travelers from all backgrounds, musicians, and even Yogis. I should note that her home is not only filled with artists but also art from her travles all over the world. Besides the incredible guests and other workawayers I met, you will undoubtedly spend time with her son and daughter, Stefano and Helena. Both are beautiful musicians and beautiful people. As a musician, I was quickly welcomed into Stefanos group of friends, accompanying him on trips into Ortigia, learning the style of traditional Italian songs and Brazilian and classical inspired Jazz. Like their mother, both Stefano and Helena have a passion for travel and learning through new experiences. Both are also just super funny, and so welcoming to a traveler just beginning to learn their culture and language. The perfect Workaway experience is completed with getting to know Francesca's sweet Sicilian mother, Nonna Nella. Nonna speaks about two words of English, but her love of her children and all who come onto her farm is apparent, from relentless commands to "mangi" to insisting on sewing your clothes when she notices tears or loose buttons. Francesca is the great matriarch of a community as diverse and beatiful as the Sicilian landscape. I cannot recommend a better first stay in Sicily and a first Workaway experience. If you are open minded and love people and nature, with a servants heart ready and willing to contribute to the paradise she has created, you will find in the Garden, a place you will call home for the rest of your life.