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Good Workawayer

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Informações do perfil

  • Informações de viagem

    Eu estou


    Atividades em que tenho interesse:

    I am looking for opportunities to get outside of my comfort zone, learn new skills, and make new friends :0

    Meu próximo destino:

    Japan - desde Out 2022 até Jan 2023
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  • Descrição

    Hi there
    ('• < '• )/"

    I'm a video creator from Los Angeles, California. I've filmed and edited weddings, commercials, and other personal projects, and I've also been a production assistant for shows such as The Emmys and The Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. See my portfolio here:

    Like many, I'm doing Workaway to explore, meet new people, and see different ways of living. Currently I'm in Japan until January, and I plan to visit Taiwan next. If you're in either of those areas, and you're interested in meeting up, let me know!

    Organized & clean 🧼
    - I take pleasure in cleaning and dusting for my hosts, and I appreciate it when they share similar values.

    Animal caretaker 🐶
    - My family has always raised dogs of all sizes, so I'm very familiar with the responsibility. I would be happy to help with taking care of any animals (dogs, cats, chickens, cows, etc).
    - Previously taken care of several cats, chickens, and a goose!
    - House sitting experience on

    Farm lifestyle 👨‍🌾
    - Not afraid to get dirty or work hard.
    - Familiar with using small tractors, lawn-mowers, and other trimmers.
    - Most recently helped at a rural farm in Yamanashi prefecture in Japan.

    Tech expert 🖥️
    - Experienced with computers and electronics
    - Can help with anything from building a PC, to creating a website, or reorganizing a hard-drive. Previously I've helped my hosts establish an Airbnb page.

    Other details 🔍
    - Fully vaccinated + 3 booster shots.
    - No dietary restrictions. I sometimes eat meat, but can eat vegan/vegetarian if that's the host's preference .
    - No allergies to pets/animals.

    Favorite Movies 🍿
    - Pig (2021)
    -ドライブ・マイ・カー (Drive My Car) (2021)
    - もののけ姫 (Princess Mononoke) (1997)
    - 기생충 (Parasite) (2019)
    - Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)

    Favorite Bands 🎵
    - Kings of Convenience
    - 久石 譲 Hisaishi Joe
    - ヌジャベス Nujabes
    - Sufjan Stevens
    - Clairo
    - Cornelius
    - めい えはら mei ehara
    - Burl Ives
    - 坂本 龍 Sakamoto Ryuichi

  • Interesses

    Atividades ao ar livre
    Arte e design
    Faça você mesmo
    Filmes e TV
    Criação de vídeos
    Culinária e comida
  • Idiomas

    Inglês: Fluente

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I'm interested in learning Japanese since my favorite films, music and other media are in Japanese. I'm also interested in possibly moving to Japan in the future.

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  • Habilidades e conhecimento para compartilhar ou aprender

    Tenho interesse em:  

    Vida na fazenda
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
    Projetos ambientais
    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Cuidar de animais
    Trabalho beneficente

    Conhecimento de:  

    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras

    Poso ensinar:  

    Projetos artísticos
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I'm very knowledgeable with camera, lighting, audio, grip, and more. I also edit my own video projects, such as weddings and commercials, and a lot of personal projects from my travels.

    I know my way around the kitchen and I enjoy cooking with others and sharing recipes and techniques.

    I'm good at driving large vehicles. I've driven cube-trucks on numerous occasions for film/photo jobs on LA streets... not fun!!! I can also operate tractors, fork-lifts, scissor-lifts, and golf carts.

    I consider myself an advanced computer user. Have experience with computer and tech related problem solving, and have a knack for figuring out tech issues. I've created automations to speed up my computer's setup, and also to help with my day-to-day workflows with video editing.

    I am good with power tools, woodworking, fabrication, and can lift heavy objects.

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