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    Sustainability, Permaculture, Biodynamic, Community Living, Organic Farming, Eco-Living, Traveling with Family

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    We are a Family of 4 traveling in a Van around Australia, on this epic time in life....
    (2 adults, 2 kids 14 & 10, and 2 cats)

    Mexico is our motherland, Australia has been our home and our teacher for the last 8years; is the land that reconnected us with Mother Earth and our path.
    It has been hard raising a family away from our community, but we have grown and learnt so much.

    We are Hector and Mariana, we are a family of 4 (2 kids, 14 & 10), traveling around Australia in our Caravan since dec 2020.

    We lived in Melbourne for almost 8 years.

    We have been very blessed, considering the global situation, having work that can be done remotely while spending so much time together, that we are reconsidering more than before, our way of living (education, work, living, health and our footprint).

    Getting the best of the actual situation, we looking for opportunities to apply our learnings into gather experiences of sustainable living, getting the kids more into nature, so at some point in life we can do this our selves and support others.

    Hola, soy Mariana, while looking for my purpose, my passion to learn from nature, herbalism, growing plants, sustainability, animals, healing the heart, self care and so many other things... it reconnected me to my roots, and the wisdom in my motherland.

    I am an adventurer and dreamer wishing to connect with communities and learn, through living, the way to live and create community, sustainability, medicine; so at some point I can share this knowledge in creating more and inspiring others to do so; so we can go back to living in community with land and all beings.

    Hector is my husband, he runs his own IT security company, used to travel overseas a lot (not now). He is a natural handy man, with a 'solving problems' engineer mindset, very handy and clever for any situations. He is very passionate about natural building, humanity evolution, spirituality, intuitive energy healing and an amazing parent.

    We are applying as family, as the idea is keep together, bond, and learn, and bring our skills as family to the places we can be.

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  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    I've learn different natural therapies like biomagnetism, Australian Bush flowers, basics in Aromatherapy and some energy healings.

    I have a passion with plants, how to grow and prepare for food and medicinal
    I know herbalism generals, how to prepare and work with plants in a basic way and use it for myself and family.
    Im working in trying to connect with the plant kingdom more energetically and spiritually
    Took a training on Urban Permaculture at Ceres Fairfood in Melbourne in 2019 which opens my world
    I have basic knowledge in woman cycles, working with moon cycle.

    I love to cook, I cook mostly my Mexican food (real one), as my kids are very familiar with our ingredients and flavours, but I love to learn, love flavours. I love to ferment, and learn different traditional cooking.

    I have my garden, my pots, love to propagate, I feel is the most amazing things one can do with nature and its abundance wisdom.

    I worked in a Sourdough bakery, and ran the Friday's pasta lunch at my kids school for 1.5years, cooking and serving to 80kids (average).

    In my muggle living back in Mexico, I was IT (project manager) as profession, my last work was Procter and Gamble loved it; but I always had a yearn of doing something meaningful for my life and Life per se, that it was not just lead by "more sales"... and more about conscious living.... this journey started when I left the job, to be full time mom and then migrate to Australia, that opened my eyes to community, sustainable living, Steiner education and the magic of Earth.

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    46 & 42

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    We have been traveling Around Australia almost a year now...

    As mentioned before, I am a mother, mother of 2 (pre teen and child), and a wife.

    Although is mainly me the one that will be involve in working, we are looking for places where we can be together, so my kids could have the experience as well and my husband could support with some tasks.

    He is IT security, with his own company; he works remotely so he will just need internet. This is the income that is giving us our sustain, so he is still doing it, while we gather skills to shift to a more sustainable living. He is a multi task handy man, very creative, love to learn, very analytic and amazing project manager. He have his healing tools under his sleeve as well.

    Our kids, after this 2020, have been remote learners, enjoying the home, and craving for friends of their age; very creative, less technology (as much as we can), from Steiner school, one entering secondary, the other in primary.

    After our year trip, are looking to relocate in Queensland, looking for community; ideally share land with likeminded families; and what best way, that meeting with locals.

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      We prefer to eat organic and local, home made food