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    "A mind that is streched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions." - Oliver Wendell Holmes.

    We are two students at the French Civil Aviation University.
    2019/2020 - Big plans for a gap year: expected to do an exchange program in Taïwan and have a fun experience discovering asian cultures.
    2020 - Covid came and we didn't get the visa.
    2020/2021 - Looking to go abroad despite the pandemic. Fast learners and open-minded, as we are, workaway was the best thing that happened to us that year.
    We have been working in a self-sufficient farm in South of Lapland, 2 organic farms (turkey and Sweden) and housesitting a big property in Sweden. We also helped a hostel in Bulgaria. Each unique experience has driven us to continue our venture with other projects, and explore new areas in other countries.
    Summer 2021- Exchange program in Deutschland, amazing summer in this beautiful country.

    Our plan is to begin our journey starting from Europe and venturing on to other parts in Africa, Asia and America (one day!). We believe in connecting to our beautiful nature and the need to respect our environnement. We are eager to always learn from our hosts something new and we thank you in advance for welcoming us. We hope to contribute positively to our beautiful planet and we are open to positive change.

  • Interesses

    Esportes de aventura
    Esportes de inverno
    Atividades ao ar livre
    Vida na estrada
    Trabalho beneficente
    Arte e design
    Desenho e pintura
    Faça você mesmo

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  • Idiomas

    Árabe: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Francês: Fluente
    Alemão: Intermediário

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    Esta pessoa indicou ser um workawayer com interesse em compartilhar seu(s) idioma(s) ou em aprender um novo. Entre em contato diretamente para discutir o assunto.

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  • Habilidades e conhecimento para compartilhar ou aprender

    Temos interesse em:  

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Vida na fazenda
    Projetos ambientais
    Cuidar de animais
    Trabalho beneficente
    Projetos artísticos

    Conhecimento de:  

    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda com computadores/internet

    Podemos ensinar:  

    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    -Sports: Climbing, chinese boxing, gymnastics, skiing, paragliding
    -Art: Origami, photography
    -Music: Drums, percussion
    -Traveling: Love to travel everywhere I can go and learn new cultures, appreciate new landscapes and enjoy discover our beautiful earth
    -Miscellaneous: Philosophy (ethics and metaphysics), sciences, aviation, computer skills
    -Behaviour: Curious, honest, meticulous, simple
    I'm also very excited about learning new skills, and I can say that I learn things very fast! I love doing everything with happiness and a smile on my face 🙂

    The one life skill that I'm blessed to have is cooking ! I just love learning about others' food cultures 😊.
    Generally I am skillfully with any kind of handicraft/crafts, crochetting and drawing for instance. I also have some experience with children and babies.
    I love travelling and that is one thing I share with Alex among others : interest for sciences, environment and some sports. I am eager to learn about gardening, farming.....I have a growing interest in plants and would be happy to learn more.
    Overall, I am known to be a quick learner. I am eager to try, experiement new things and to share my own skills and culture with the people I stay with.
    "Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost." - Erol OZEN.

  • Idade

    25 & 24

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      We both are pesco-vegetarian and don't drink alcohol.