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    Spain - desde Dez 2019 até Dez 2022
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    Hi, my name is Shaun I'm a fully qualified professional carpenter and builder with 35 years of experience City guilds qualified. I have intensive training in making windows, doors, stairs, gates, all roofing, building houses, fencing and maintenance. I ran my own joinery company for ten years until my marriage ended in 2018 forcing me to sell. I am also a qualified yoga instructor, fitness trainer, lifestyle coach author and activist. I have written 2 books already about healing the body and continue working and writing new stuff on my travels.

    I have been travelling for over four years now and have visited some 30 countries including Peru twice, Machu Picchu, the Amazon rain forest where I did ayahuasca 7 times, Brazil, India, China, Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Turkey, Bali, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Mexico, Thailand and Malaysia.
    Currently working for one year near Nerja southern Spain

    I keep going on my journey and travelling the world full time now like a fearless soul......luckily I Lost my ego in the River Ganges whilst in India during my yoga teacher training and don't need it anymore.

    I am very honest, reliable, kind, empathic and helpful to others. I am also very hardworking and can help with almost anything with wood, building work, plumbing, electrics and heavy lifting. I love hard digging or manual work also to stop my covid lockdown cake belly from reappearing.

    I have a love for dogs, children, birds, cats and all nature I also feed and look after stray dogs on the streets. I spend a lot of time in Bali as I feel at home there. I plan one day to open a yoga healing retreat centre myself in Spain or Asia. I enjoy practising yoga and meditation daily and can teach if needed.

    I have been working for two years in Spain during the travel bans doing building work and joinery at nine work aways and can provide glowing references including pictures.

    My hobbies include cycling......I am a keen artist. I enjoy photography including making films. I love being outside in the sun and natural swimming, beaches and hiking. I love music and dance. I play the guitar and write poetry. I am very sociable but also love my own time where I can write my books or draw. I dislike loud and aggressive people or cities and strong chemical smells. I eat small vegetarian meals......not a big eater because I have my own superfoods and supplements..... and don't like fried and fast junk foods.

    I am 50 years old but look maybe 15 years younger than that (so I keep being begrudgingly told)........ I like bike riding, weight training, walking every day, plus yoga and I eat organic superfoods...... for maybe the last ten years. I also have written a book on how to heal the body available now online. I keep a strong mental focus on positive vibrations using the power of love... Which keeps me feeling good. I was married for 20 years but now divorced, I have three grown-up daughters,.... I was born in the East Midlands... Derbyshire England. I also speak a little Indonesian and Spanish......or try to lol.

    I am extremely honest, I do what my hosts tell me to do and respect their decisions. I am very modest and get on with any job(s) I am given however big or small to the best of my ability. I am just grateful to be in the sun not the Matrix and a kind of a free spirit.

    Thanks for reading :)

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    Joinery and building houses
    All carpentry work 1st 2nd fix
    All building work.
    Loft extensions
    Trained in Permaculture
    Flooring tiling
    Making and fitting windows
    Yoga instructor
    Fitness trainer
    Diet and lifestyle coach
    Pranayamas meditation teacher
    Animal care.
    Heavy lifting and hard labour.
    Tiling and roofing

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    Inglês: Fluente
    Espanhol: Intermediário
    Indonesian: Iniciante

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    I love cooking and baking. I have been trained to make raw vegan dishes. Currently learning to play the guitar and learn to speak fluent Spanish,

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    • Alergias
      Big spiders the ones with hairs on, vaccines Oh and knob heads

    • Dietas especiais
      I prefer organic vegan or vegetarían were possible