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Good Workawayer

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    I like working outside, and getting stuff done. And then jumping in the river or pond. I'm actually really fond of clearing brush, briars, brambles. Especially if there are any berries or fruits to be found. ("Thou shalt not muzzle the ox," my dad says.) I don't like being in charge of things, but if you give me a little guidance I can usually get the job done. I like to be around people and work in the presence of others, but problem-solving together is not my strength. mostly i like to feel alive in my body and in nature, and I like to feel like my work is contributing to projects that make a more just society. Participating in collectively-owned land and projects, wealth redistribution, making ways to use less resources... all make my work feel more meaningful to me.

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    Fixing bikes and teaching people to fix bikes; safe cycling instruction (in the USA); general maintenance and building (with guidance); minor plumbing repairs; splitting firewood; refurbishing crosscut saws; playing basketball; dumpster diving; swimming; eating whatever food comes my way; milking goats; trail building; washing dishes and cleaning up (I much prefer that to cooking);

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    I have a job i love in Massachusetts, USA, so mostly I'm just looking for some short-time experiences when i am traveling/exploring.

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