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  • Descrição

    We are motivated by applying our skills to achieve stuff, be that a project finished or a mountain climbed. Some happiness is achieved in that way as well.
    More happiness comes from looking at beautiful things, or partaking in them. Nature never ceases to amaze, as do craftspeople that display a skill they have honed over years.
    Music can create happiness.
    Being in tune with a person or a group of people is happiness.
    Learning new stuff, or teaching what we know ourselves, brings happiness.

    But don't worry, we're also fine just chilling on the beach or having a beer by the fire with some music ;)

  • Interesses

    Vida na estrada
    Desenho e pintura
    Faça você mesmo
    Culinária e comida
  • Habilidades e conhecimento para compartilhar ou aprender

    Temos interesse em:  

    Trabalho beneficente
    Prática de idiomas
    Projetos ambientais

    Conhecimento de:  

    Projetos artísticos
    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Cuidar de animais
    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa

    Podemos ensinar:  

    Projetos de construção/faça você mesmo
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda com computadores/internet
  • Quais são suas habilidades?

    - Masters degree in engineering, 9 years of work experience in applied research
    - civilian services in a metal workshop for disabled people
    - woodworking skills (been doing woodwork for 20+ years)
    - overhauling of all things that don't work well or at all (from turntable to car engine)
    - electrical engineering, solar systems, computer networks & WiFi
    - selling and buying used stuff (i.e. I can clean up a shed and make use (or money) off things that are still usable)
    - setting up and organising a workspace
    - finding a good compromise between making stuff by hand and buying material to achieve the desired result within a given budget

    my name is Cagla (I am called Charly). After training as a biological-technical assistant, I studied biotechnology. I have certificates in project management, quality management and Six Sigma Green Belt. I have already gained professional experience in these areas and have worked in a wide variety of industries.

    In addition to my professional skills, I also bring the following:
    I grew up around many animals and I am good at working with animals. In addition, I have often looked after children, and enjoy passing my knowledge on to them.

    Besides my studies, I have had the following jobs:
    - worked as a bar manager
    - worked in a supermarket
    - worked in care

    Some of my hobbies are:
    - drawing & painting
    - crafts of any kind: from woodworking to an engine overhaul
    - music (ukulele); still a beginner, but they say practice makes perfect 🙂

    As you can see, there is nothing I don't try. I like to learn new things all the time and I am able to learn quickly and independently.

  • Idiomas

    Alemão: Fluente
    Inglês: Fluente
    Turco: Intermediário
    Francês: Iniciante

  • Idade

    35 & 36

  • Algo mais...

    We currently live in our camper van. The van is self-sufficient, except for a shower. So we do not need accomodation, just a place to park and sleep in the van (~6m length, 2.6m height, 2m wide).
    The rest should be pretty well covered in the rest of the description.

    Our travel plans are very loose. We have no appointments to get to in the foreseeable future ;) So if it is interesting somewhere, we might stay longer than it says in our travel plans. We are also able to come to a place not noted in the travel plans.

  • Mais algumas informações

    • Fumante

    • Carteira de motorista

    • Alergias

    • Dietas especiais
      Vegetarian, that's all.