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    I am a 20 year old student (21 this year) who is looking to spend the summer working outdoors. I'm 6'6'' tall - at last taller than my brothers - and play a lot of sport, mostly basketball. I love animals, especially birds and enjoy spending time outdoors, working, walking and dreaming of one day having my own smallholding. I live on the edge of a village with chickens, ducks and geese (which I bred and raised myself using an incubator), a German Shepherd and a big (in parts, quite wild) garden which needs quite a lot of maintenance. I have experience chopping kindling, stacking logs, clearing brush, mowing, building / fixing coops and sheds and cleaning out animal enclosures. Alongside my Dad, I planned and planted an orchard and set up my own vegetable patch.
    I am pretty good on the computer and anything I can’t do, I can look up.

    I spent several months working in a warehouse packing and shipping tens of thousands of boxes for the annual shoebox appeal last year where I used machinery like pallet jacks and electric pallet stackers. I worked on my own as well as part of a team to accept deliveries and get shipments off in time. I also volunteered for 5 months at a wildlife hospital where I spent hours working on my own clearing out animal enclosures, making sure all the animals were fed and helping with general maintenance around the hospital. Prior to that, I volunteered for over a year at a local country park helping with various maintenance activities including scrub clearance, hedge-laying and building lake embankments.

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    I am good with animals having grown up with lots of poultry, dogs and surrounded by farmers’ fields full of sheep and cattle. I can use an axe to chop wood as well as a sledgehammer and grenade. I am quite green-fingered and have tended a vegetable patch for many years. I am handy and have some limited experience with small building projects like fences and sheds. Together with my Dad, I have built a fully insulated aviary for parrots as well as converting an old greenhouse into a large outdoor waterfowl aviary.

    I am a curious person. I love to learn new skills and find out interesting facts. I am currently studying Biology at university and am particularly keen to learn all I can about food production which is increasingly important as the world’s population continues to grow. I am looking forward to meeting new people, seeing new places and having some new and different experiences via Workaway.

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    I would love to help you with whatever projects need doing. I had planned to travel to Australia in a year out before university but due to Covid my plans of working on farms up the east coast were cancelled. Having now spent the past year at uni, I am desperate to get outside and do some physical labour!

    I'm not sure about the current Covid situation in Queensland but in any case, I am double vaccinated and recently got a booster jab. I also have an Australian passport so there’s no worries about getting in or working.

    I play a lot of cricket and often do board-games or quizzes in the evening with family and friends. Geography and Science are my specialties. I have kept breeding pairs of Regents parrots, California quail and an assortment of wildfowl which I recently sold so I can travel. I love to spend time outside working, walking, bird watching or foraging.

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