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    Hi beautiful people & thank you for paying me a visit here:

    My name is Celina and I am 24 years old. I am originally from Germany but have been living abroad for the last 5 years.

    I am studying organic farming at an organic agricultural College in Denmark. The education is split up in theoretical parts which are taking place in Denmark and Internships in which we students are free to work in farms in other countries if we feel like it.
    Therefore I am most of the year in other countries exploring different ways of living in balance and in respect with nature to learn about farming.
    I love nature and all her wonders and enjoy working with my hands in the soil. I am always happy to experience different, alternative ways of doing things in life.
    My goal is to to be part of an active change back to a more harmonious way of living where nature and farming can nourish one another.
    A way in which farming respects and supports nature and vice versa.
    I am interested in a life where nature, humans and animals are functioning in a cycle and support one another.
    I enjoy experiencing different ways of living together and to meet people with different stories and dreams along the way.
    Therefore I love to experience nature and learning with other people about her gifts and about how to cultivate the land.
    The moon, the stars, the beautiful flowers and the smallest insects excite me and water calms me.
    I love to observe my thoughts and sit in contemplation as much as I enjoy a good portion of laughter. I am a person you can win over with a hike or exploring other countries and cultures together as much as through simply sitting together to talk about the depths of human exsitance and life.
    Animals are close to my heart and I enjoy their company and caring for them.
    Movement is my go to when energy is building up and I love to dance, practise yoga, hike or run to release and reconnect to myself and then to others.
    I am an Advocate for ,,filling up your own cup first in oder to let it overflow and serve others´!

    My aspiration is to follow what life offers me and grow with each coming day.
    Sooo vi ses (see you in danish) out there :)

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    Espanhol: Intermediário

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    I would be happy to learn more Icelandic and Spanish :)

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    What I have gained through my experiences so far:

    I am working in farming since 8 years now.
    I started when I was 15 years old with working on conventional dairy farms next to school,
    helping with the milking and taking care of the calves.
    I liked my work but I realized that I was seeking to learn more about different ways of farming combined with different cultural backgrounds. I was seeking to find a way were farming respects animals, nature and humans in equal terms.
    I found my way over working with controlling milk quality in Germany, to working in a restaurant to a beautiful organic farm in Denmark. I learned a lot about organic farming and alternative movements within farming.
    Through my volunteering there I learned how to work in a team, take initiative and responsibilities.
    Afterwards I continued my journey on biodynamic farms in Norway and Ecuador.
    Where I continued learning how to live in communities, work respectfully with plants and animals and take the energetic forces into consideration as well.
    I have been for a few months in Mexico were I worked with vegetables, fruits, horses and natural building on different farms.
    Then I got to work on a sheep farm in Iceland, learning about sheep and horses. I also worked on a vegetable farm in Iceland where I learnt a lot about growing vegetables and grains during a short season under harsh conditions.
    After that I worked in a Sea weed hatchery on the Faroe island learning about the eco system of the sea and its plants and animals.

    Currently I am interning at a Finca in Andalusia, Spain 🙋‍♀️

    Through my studies at the school in Denmark I am gaining the theoretical aspects of organic farming.
    I have graduated as agricultural assistant from the school already.
    I am now in the last half of my education on the way to get a certified organic farmer :)
    I consider myself as an experienced rider and I love to go for a ride or work with horses from the ground. I have trained a horse when I was younger through engaging natural horsemanship practices. I say, I consider myself an experienced rider because I believe with horses everyone has a very unique perspective so I always say its best you let me try and see for yourself so you can make your judgement call on that :)

    Some courses I did as well:
    > paramedic assistant and first aid instructor for children.
    > internship in a hospital and elderly home .

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    -->reading books
    -->observing nature in all her beauty
    -->walks in the nature
    -->horse riding
    -->playing the guitar and singing a few tones to it.
    -->Knitting and learning more about it.
    -->right now writting has my focus and I want to explore it more

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