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    I'm a countryside girl, so for me, happiness lies in simple things.

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    Vida na estrada
    Culinária e comida
    Cuidar de plantas
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    Inglês: Fluente
    Ukrainian: Fluente
    Hindi: Iniciante

    Mais detalhes sobre meu interesse em idiomas
    I can help you with my mother tongue(Ukrainian) language and English

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    Fazer companhia para idosos
    Projetos artísticos
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    Ajuda com computadores/internet

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    Vida na fazenda
    Cuidar de animais
    Projetos ambientais
    Cuidar de crianças/atividades criativas
    Criar/cozinhar refeições caseiras
    Manutenção geral
    Ajuda a cuidar da casa

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    Hello hello.
    Homeland. Roots...
    I could say that I'm not good at describing my life and myself but I'm not going to...all what I'm going to say it's that I'm Anya and I'm an Ukraine 25year-old girl. I love this full of people and places.
    I grew up in a country side and I'm attached to my home and nature even though I'm often not home now travelling and studying abroad I always remember about my homeland and carrying my grandmother's scarf, some herbs from her garden, a book on Ukrainian culture, and old pictures of my parents and grandparents those things give me love when I'm not home physically.
    should I say what degree I have?
    well, it's interesting... when I was a kid I was dreaming to become an actress but I didn't get to the university for free studying so I went to Kyiv Art and Culture University for free and studied tourism, restaurant hotel business, very interesting you would think, and yeah I couldn't agree more, but believe me I could be and I was a perfect waitress in Bulgaria it was seasonal job offer from my university and I took it , in a week I learned Bulgarian that helped me to be very close to people and culture, but I understood one thing which is I'll always tip because it's super important, I mean serving is really hard work and yeah, just it's a golden rule you tip that's it and the other thing I understood I was never going to be a waitress again, so guess who served food in a month or so after Bulgaria but now in Kyiv right it was me, though that time it was super cool vegan place in the center of the city...

    After graduating.....
    A long story short I graduated and went to China(Beijing) super big city and just complete different world for me. I was working with small kids like 2 -3 years and I was kind of like a music teacher, which I enjoyed a lot. I think that time was so special but back then of course I was bothered by different things but anytime those small kids would hug me after our class I would be over the moon happy...

    I spent in China 6 months and went back to Ukraine. How sweet home when you are far from it. Well, after China I understood one thing I really can't be so far from the nature for a long term...

    Kyiv is my favorite place in the world I swear, if you ever in Ukraine let me know I'll get you to be in love with this city.
    I was a barista in Kyiv for a couple of months after came from China. And that was the time when I would need all my skill I learned as a waitress in Bulgaria, fast and multi-tasking. I loved the work but I did like coffee, and I don't understand why people are so obsessed about it. Now I'm slowly getting the taste of it.

    India, India, Have you even been to India?. I mean India is so ... and now for everyone it will be different word here to describe it. Well, my word would be- alive...
    my life has changed upside-down from the moment I landed at Mumbais Airport... I ended up spending there almost 3 years, studied yoga, massage, dance and work ( as an assistant) and meeting the most important people and life changing situations... I have a lot of stories for my grandkids about my journey in India...

    Well,the last chapter is here in Finland and I'm texting it all, while being here in Finland at a far where I pick veggies.
    I love Finland, I love picking blueberries in the forest I love to ride a bike when it's a midnight and so bright, I like water deers walking, I understand why Finnish love sauna...

    next country???

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    Well, what we have so far: Anya in 25 years of her life has done:
    *serving food with Bulgarians
    *teaching kids with Chinese
    *dancing with Indians, doing yoga, living in an Indian family, learning the language studying massage, tracking at the mountains.
    *picking potatoes with Finnish.
    to be continued...

    I've been practicing yoga for almost 2 years now, let's do yoga together.
    I've learned massage in India that's what I want to do as a profession.

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