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    em casa

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    I love any type of activitiy, especially outdoor ones, spending time with other people, going hiking or chilling on the beach!

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    United States - desde Ago 2022 até Out 2022
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    Hi everyone!
    I'm Alu - an ordinary girl with Mongolian roots, but born in Germany :)
    I live in the East of Germany, the city is called Leipzig.
    I'm about to graduate from high school and thus I'm planning to travel the world as I'd like to take one year off before university starts. I don't really have one destination, but I guess the US would be exciting to eplore!
    I would describe myself as open-minded, curious and adventurous. I LOVE learning new languages, cultures and meeting new people! My main goal is to live abroad one day, preferably an English speaking country and that's why this gap year will surely prepare me for my future. If you like to know more about me, let me know!

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    First of all, I'm going to have an exam which is called FCE exam in a few days. It's one of the Cambridge English Qualifications, accepted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions worldwide. This exam is the step between B1 Preliminary and C1 Advanced. Besides, I also have some international friends who I speak English with and I teach them German as well. I've learnt Russian for 5 years at school, however, I forgot most of it. I also had Latin at school, but it isn't spoken nowadays. Nevertheless, it's very helpful when it comes to Romanian languages. In my freetime, I used to teach myself French and consequently I still have some basic French skills.

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    As a result of my time spent as a member of the Youth Parliament of my town, I have developed my skills in planning work activities according to timeframes and priorities. I am comfortable with teamwork and capable of taking action where necessary.
    Throughout an internship in a primary school in February of 2020, I had the opportunity to work with children and to help teachers. During this experience, I developed my communication skills with younger children and spent much time caring them. I thoroughly enjoyed this internship and felt that my creativity was reinforced. Plus, my older sister has a 2-year-old son who I ocassionally take care of.
    I was engaged in acrobatics for eight years, during which time I was a leader of my team, helping improve my ability to inspire and motivate my peers. I also used to train with young athletes so I am more than happy to work with children.
    I am confident that my experience with children and my leadership abilities will be valuable assets.
    Although I attend school, I have worked at Subway for two years, where I was responsible for greeting customers, preparing food and maintaining sanitation standards. I learned how to effectively complete tasks on my own without any help from my co-workers and during my time there I gained experience in prioritising and problem solving. Therefore, I gained skills such as fluency in communication and capability with bearing responsibility. I believe that my knowledge and skill set make me well equipped.

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    For people looking for a travel buddy:
    I'd love to meet new people. I don't mind from which country as long as you speak English fluently and are almost old like me. Just hit me up!

    I believe that it would not only be an exciting experience but also one that would broaden my mindset and benefit my understanding of and compassion toward others. Not only will I refine my fluency in English, I will also gain perspective from conducting activities in a professional setting, including interacting with various kinds of people, building international friendships and taking initiative. I am convinced that this experience would lay a solid foundation for my future and give me the opportunity to help and connect with others.

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