Leeandria & Erik

Origine: Pays-Bas

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    Type de compte

    Compte joint

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    Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni

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    Dates de voyage

    01.10.2019 - 01.01.2020

  • Description

    Hello There!

    We are a couple of spiritually high-minded eco-futurist creative earthlings, interested in participating in art, social work, animal welfare, human rights activism, hemp, eco-sustainable, spiritual, and philosophy based projects. A lot of our mutual goals revolve around making art accessible to those with disability, helping humans achieve a better mindset, freeing all from the burdens of old human constructs, and helping create and sustain communities of individuals who have similar goals.
    We are also starting an art project collaboration between us where Erik has disgraphy (what others perceive as an inability to draw) and I will make work together to show those with disability can make wonderful art.

    About Us

    Erik, a self aware, open minded individualist with strong sense of justice. They are dominantly autonomous, but are proficient in well organized team/enviroment. Currently studying oneself, interested in scandinavian mythology & knowledge, human behavior & relations.
    They are a leader type with rich sense of empathy and helping others through understanding, compassion, healing and execution. Attended a two year college as audiovisual artist. Formally born in czech republic. Experienced nomad, backpacker and adventurer, travelled and journyed through all central europe multiple times. Unfortuantely Erik has been doing in past mostly heavy manual work and due to the issues in right arm with nerves they cannot do prolonged heavy manual work.
    They embrace to be honest, direct , understanding, compassionate, loyal, open and communicative with other people.
    Currently conceptualizing towards improving the health of the planet, high-end eco-village, and restoring the balance.

    Leeandria is an open-minded critical thinker & philosopher, a life long learner, a mother to any, and an explorer of food & culture. She has spent most of her life creating art for emotional expression, & being a life coach to close friends using a gentle yet firm creative approach. Currently she has pursued amateur creative writing and is currently providing ghostwriting for children’s cartoons and stories, as well as making summaries/notes for two podcasts. In school she focused on Visual and Media Arts, but also takes interest in psychology & philosophy.
    She takes passion in helping others become the best versions of their self all the while she does the same to herself. She also has big dreams to find ways to liberate others & help restore balance in this world, and if you do as well she would love to hear your thoughts on that as she is writing philosophical discourse on utopian societies.
    Born in the United States to which she has traveled majority of the mid west, south, & east coast. In Europe she has explored England, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Croatia, Montenegro, and Albania.
    She does have a back injury since childhood which makes it difficult to do certain task repetitively, but she does her best at staying as able-bodied as possible. She can give more information in private message or in person.
    We embrace dedication, resilience, compassion, and empathy. In actions we execute with logic, reason, understanding, and mutual respect. Striving to connect with respectful, open minded people who are self aware about their project and themselves.
    With a mature mindset towards boundaries we cannot work with people who embrace violence, ignorance, irrational, or forceful behavior. We are respectful yet have strict ethic boundaries.
    We will only work with non-discriminatory hosts who are supportive or are allies of LGBTQAI+, POC, Disabilities (mental and physical), Animal protections, respect towards the Earth, and intersectional feminism.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this all! Much appreciated!

  • Type d'aide

    Baby-sitting / garde d’enfant
    Aide aux personnes âgées
    Entretien / Bricolage
    Cuisine / courses
    Aide à la ferme
    Aide à la maison
    Aide avec les animaux
    Travail associatif
    Aide avec les langues
    Projet artistique
    Aide informatique / Internet

  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    ~Erik's Skills~
    -carpentry, plumbing, electric
    -audio editing, video editing, film editing
    -proficient with computers/electronics and troubleshooting issues, PC / Mac / Linux Gui
    -some farm experience
    -experience with domestic animals
    -experience feeding farm animals
    -begginer cooking skills
    -skills with children with autism
    -gardening skills

    Erik has worked in these fields and can apply their skills from them to your cause:
    Logistics and Inventory - planning and organizng inventory. Licenses in various lift vehicals. Organizing files.
    Hospitality - kitchen cleaning management and resturant porter/busser.

    ~Leeandria's Skills~
    -PC & Mac interface & programs
    -Arts in order of proficiency: singing, dancing, writing, acting, video editing, photo editing, drawing, abstract sculpture, painting, pottery, graphic design, & metal/wood working
    -can teach/do crafts
    -experience with domestic animals
    -experience feeding farm animals
    -intermediate baking & cooking skills
    -skills with children with autism
    -beginner carpentry & gardening skills
    -intermediate skills in teaching meditation & mindfulness.

    Leeandria has worked in these fields and can apply her skills from them to your cause:
    Social media - copywriting, content creation, Instagram, Facebook, discord, and Reddit
    Shopper/Delivery - buying food/household products, i do have a drivers license but i dont like to drive much. Short trips are fine.
    Baker and Patisserie - pastries, small baked goods, custards, and more except large wedding cakes and some exotic recipes i havent tried yet.
    Office Clerk and Receptionist - Large money handling, organizing files electronically and physically, using office equipment, booking appointments, and multiline phone handling.
    Team Trainer in Artisian and Speciality Products- training up new staff, ongoing training to all safe, advocate of health and safety. Events assistant and product sampling. Knowledge of cheese, pickled products, tea, coffee, wine and beer. Knowledge of bartending for beer and wine, barista, and juicing/smoothie making. Inventory handling.
    Culture Technician - environmental/chemical laboratory experience, small aquatic animal raising, and algae culturing.
    Retail, Customer service, and waitressing experience.

  • Langues parlées

    Erik speaks native Czech, fluent english, slovak, some dutch, russian, italian, and german. Leeandria speaks native english, beginner level French, & has started learning German, Japanese, Italian, dutch, Czech, & spanish.

  • Âge

    29 & 25

  • Nationalité

    American & Czech

  • Autres infos...

    This is not our first workaway experience and thus we are always seeking mindful, mutually respectful and positive experiences.
    We prefer diplomatic and peacefull solutions and have zero tolerance for arrogance, disrespect or any form of violence.

  • Informations complémentaires

    • Fumeur

    • Permis de conduire

    • Allergies
      Leeandria is allergic to codeine, has seasonal allergies, and a slight wheat intolerance.

    • Régime alimentaire spécial
      Gluten free (mostly)