Charlott Elisa & Arne

Origine: Allemagne

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    Espagne, France, Pays-Bas, Portugal

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    10.01.2020 - 29.08.2020

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    HELLO, HOLA, SALUT, BONJOUR, HEJ you out there !
    We are a couple from Germany looking for new adventures. Our goal is to travel through Europe in our mini-van, with Portugal as our main destination. We are very open minded people that are always willing to try out new things. We want to leave our relatively small home town to see a little bit of the world. Our goal is to: meet new people and hopefully make new friends, learn how to surf, see the world, develop as a person and finding out more about ourselves.
    Some more detailed Information about us as an individual:
    Hey, my name is Charlott and I am 19 years old. I grew up in a small village near the baltic sea and therefore I have etablished a big connection to the nature and especially to the ocean. I like to spend my freetime outside for example by working in our big garden. This improved my mechanical skills and was quite helpful for rebuilding our little van. We often had to be creative in order to put our plans into practice. I like the idea of “learning by doing“ and using your own hands to create something. It would be nice if I could enhance my skills by helping you with your projects. So dirty hands are no problem for me.
    I`m a really sociable and independent person. When work has to be done, then I will do it, without having to point it out to me several times because reliability plays a big role for me.
    I have started working early, even in my school days I was working a lot. I have started with babysitting and tutoring schoolmates. So I learned to be sensitive and accept the responsibility.
    With age I have worked more and more in the gastronomy. Waitressing in a cafe, mixing drinks at a bar, housekeeping at a noble hotel or working in a fast food as you can see I was and I am still open to everything. I have learned that nothing will come of nothing. Perseverance and ambition have become a part of me.
    It`s amazing that there are so many different personalities on our world and for me it`s a private gain to meet as much as I can. I just love to interact with people!
    Last year some friends of mine and I started visiting retirement homes. We sang traditional songs and took walks with them, for example to their favourite places of our hometown. Talking with people who are sometimes more than 80 years older than me was just incredible. Some stories of them touched me a lot and made me change the way I think.
    Maybe next time we are sitting together at the table with a delicous meal and are talking about god and the world. And by the way, it would be a pleasure for me to cook for you. Just enjoying the little things and being grateful for what we have.
    A very important point why i want to make the trip is that i want to leave the average everyday life behind me and want to find out if it works differently. I want to try out and learn new things, find things that inspire and motivate me.
    I am a very sociable person and try to make people smile as often as possible. So I am very excited about the journey and all of you out there!
    Hey, my name is Arne and I‘m 20 years old. I grew up on an island by the baltic sea. In my childhood I spent a lot of time (and still do) outside, exploring nature and also at the beach. Growing up I had 3 older siblings, so there was always action at home.
    When I was about 12 years old I joined the scouts in Germany, where i stayed for 4 years. In these 4 years I learned a lot about survival in the nature and also hiked a lot, made good friends and visited different countries. The countries I visited were Sweden, Norway and Slovakia (which I went to twice) for 3 weeks each without parents or any kind of technical equipment. We mainly took trips through Germany though, which was exciting as well. These years were important for my personal development as a young individual at that time and I learned a lot about life and also strengthened my social abilities and linguistic skills.
    I then left the scouts after I finished the 10th grade, because I had always had the dream to study a year abroad in America, which I then did. I stayed there with my host family in Fort Wayne, Indiana and also went to a High School there. Over a period of nearly a year I had the chance to get to know a lot about a new and foreign culture, to meet very nice people, make new friends, develop as a person and of course to expand my linguistic skills. This time showed me that I like to meet new people from different cultures and also taught me to be a more open minded person in general.
    When I was 15 years old I moved to a different part of the island. It‘s a big old house on a fairly large property, and there was plenty of work that had to be done. So it was a pretty big project with a lot of effort and time that we had to put into it. Of course my parents needed a lot of help, so we assisted them. So physical work is no stranger for me.
    In my free time I like to ride my bike and I also skateboard as much as I can. This gives me a sense of relaxation and balance. Especially when skating, you always want to improve and it demands a lot of ambition and perseverance. I am happy to spend my free time with animals. At home we have two cats, Lily and Tiger, with whom I like to spend time. Lotti and I also like to go to our local animal shelter to go for a walk with dogs. We would also like to have our own dog, but unfortunately we lack a little time for it.
    Although I like it here on the coast and also have a great circle of friends, I would like to meet many new people from different countries and find out more about myself and life itself. And that's why we're finally going to get started. We are looking forward to meeting you!

  • Compétences et connaissances que nous aimerions partager ou apprendre

    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Tenir compagnie à une personne âgée
    Entretien général
    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider dans une ferme
    Aider à la maison
    S’occuper des animaux
    Pratique des langues
  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    The description of ourselves will tell you more ;)

  • Langues parlées

    German: Courant
    English: Courant
    Sami: Intermédiaire
    Swedish: Intermédiaire

  • Âge

    19 & 21

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      Vegetarian (Lotti)