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    I'm Steve and I'm a solo stonemason. I do dry fine rustic earth and stonework. I use no machines. It's high level landscape architecture.I paint colorful oil paintings.I do art w/ kids.portrait art 3d

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    North Carolina, United States - du Fév 2021 au Jun 2024
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    I am an artist and a solo stone mason from the New paltz and Woodstock area of New York state. I have been doing dry stone work for 28 years. I do not work with machines.I am basically a freelance artist who works with stone. I grew up at the New Jersey coast on the barrier peninsula between Point Pleasant and Seaside Hts.I also grew up in Sparta NJ at the same time.I spent my youth immersed in varied artistic endeavors always rendering what interested me at any given time; from the blue crabs I was catching in my back yard to snoopy's to sharks to pet hermit crabs as well as the cool legs of Olympic speed skaters.
    I later went to school at S.U.N.Y. New Paltz and worked with clay, photography, figurative sculpture and a lot of 2-d and 3-d design. I spent days and days in the college library absorbing art and architecture books becoming some what of an autodidact or self learner. I also began to paint with oil colors at this time, and began to create a plan to move to Hawaii.The great pumpkin had other plans and landed me in a family with a stepson of 3 with spina bifida, a stepdaughter of 5; who were both angels; and a women my same age. My new role became that of a domestic caregiver and a Waldorf kindergarten co teacher. I continued to paint and went to Hawaii a couple of times. My paintings were received well there in 1993 and 1994, but I had a pretty serious life in New York going on.
    I went back and taught myself dry stone work.Since then I have created about 100 large installations in the Woodstock -New Paltz area. All solo. It's the full body medium, and very good for the body.It's applied metaphysics. And very earthy, healthy, work. It's the oldest medium. It's dense, heavy, substantial, and beautiful. It's quite soulful,and one spends a lot of quiet time absorbing one local environment at a time. Energy passed through a system tends to harmonize a system. There are many projects I can create or co-create on a property. From large retaining walls for holding back huge volumes of earth, to small ones built in step-like succession to create terracing and beautiful planting zones and beds.Free standing walls, steps, patios walks,and tornado proof dwellings can be made: as well as Root cellars witch will double for tornado shelters.Or, massive to small ornamental pieces like pyramids, tetrahedrons, spheres, and cairns.If there is stone on the property; these can be produced quite inexpensively. Indigenous stone is free and usually more beautiful than harvested stone imported from a cut up mountain. And the mountains have cried enough.There are more skills that I can practice and or teach in a host environment. I have created a few murals and can participate in group mural projects large and small with any age. I can teach oil painting, India ink techniques, pastel-soul work and play; with young kids at the k-1 level, Spin art, mandala work,and other circular design work with all ages,including circular dry stone work and fire pit creations. I am also skilled in safe fire tending fundamentals.Then there are alternative structure practices I have been involved in for years,including geodesic and monolithic domes. When one sees a monolithic dome protecting the "guts" of a nuclear power plant; one might ask why? What do you think is the reason? If one observes and thinks for a few moments the answer becomes evident. Many sea creatures employ the same essential concrete like forms to protect their soft selves.The Flintstones did it right. Although their cars were not so economical.They were a little heavy and dense with poor breaking systems called bare feet.The wind will keep increasing,and tornadoes are very unfriendly, as are hurricanes, big hail, and wild fires. I've seen a concrete dome in Colorado engulfed in a wild fire and it just got a little brown on the outside. Small home made monolithic domes can be made for little money as can cylindrical and spherical stone structures,especially if the stone is on ones property.Beyond the practical nature of these structures it is very cool and rewarding to create these,and it is so much easier to work in round or curved and compound curved forms. In terms of geodesic structuring; what looks like it is complicated is really quite simple. Especially if a small group of humans work together with 9 or more intersecting great circle arcs like bent bamboo or arcing tree saplings. A group can literally erect a 3x3 member geodesic framework in a few minutes and with great satisfaction. All structure is caused by angular interference....and tension is much more efficient than compression....
    Then we have an area efficient, time efficient, energy efficient, sound efficient, volume efficient, super low cost dwelling. There are various coverings to choose from. A similar size Northface tent can run 5 to 10 thousand dollars. These are some skills and passions I've developed in my life and I trust there will be more to come. I look forward to hooking in and helping out when ever I can........................" Dare to be naive". Howdoyouknowyouknowyouknow???....

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    Tenir compagnie à une pers. âgée
    Aider dans une ferme
    Travail associatif
    Pratique des langues
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    Bricolage et projets de construction
    Baby-sitting et jeux créatifs
    Entretien général
    S’occuper des animaux
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    Préparer les repas / cuisiner pour la famille
    Aider à la maison
    Projets artistiques
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    Dry stone masonry, tree work,cooking, prepcooking and cooking in the first eco resort on the planet, portrait drawing, portrait sculpture, plaster mold making, relief sculpture, oil painting, mural painting, window painting, sign painting, logo design, Open octave guitar playing, 45 years. Mandoline and bass playing, Hand drumming in drum circles, and in my car... piano playing, fire keeping,wood splitting. Asian bamboo brush techniques, solar magnifying glass burn art. Creative cartography, Wood carving. Writing. Poetry, Jewelry making, Stone and ceramic water fountain making.Illuminated ice sculpture making. Art therapy with one of the original art therapists on the planet... Fast efficient workout techniques. Self healing.... Crabbing,boating,canoeing,swimming, photography, basketball, football, baseball,ping-pong, bowling,vollyball, free diving,water skiing, body surfing, geodesics, dome making, Love making, Body painting... synergetic geometry. Care-giving for the disabled. Experience and knowledge of health care in the domestic context; 27 years. Knowledge of standard and alternative modalities. Working with teens in the first runaway homeless shelter in the U.S borne in Woodstock NY. Run by Family of woodstock Inc. Waldorf education,and experience in Waldorf kindergarten. After school programs on Maui, Pastel soul work with incarnating pre 7 year olds. Find a medium and play; an understanding will develope...... and your style......There is little time......INTUIT THROUGH IT............ And don't forget to breath................ .............. .............. ............ What is your conceptual continuity? FZ.... or common themes running thru your created artifacts???

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    I have a 28 lb, low key, beagle-jack russell, female dog who is 12. Her name is Ruby. She's an uncommon human gift. She does not shed and is cleaner than a cat. She is very quiet...She is not interested in chasing other animals and is only wanting to smell ground foliage and organic materials... She is always on a line; other wise she would follow her nose into the next county... I come with my oun car. I've never received a speeding ticket. I have a stellar driving record...... I tend toward minimalism. I am a peace and tranquility seeker, Being borne in the year of the water rabbit..... " Obsoleting is not a competitive attack.." BUCKMINSTER FULLER....................... Before me; artifacts. Because of me; artifacts. After me ; artifacts.....................................Me........ A host might find that they can receive 5,000 to 100,000$ worth of stone work for next to nothing......Seeking hosts in Hawaii......I am vaccinated...I consume very little and leave a very low carbon foot print. I am quiet and reclusive after having a pretty big life already......Ya know; I am an artist type.......*****

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      Pollution. Man made complications. Cruelty...The defense of Ignorance....Making other cultures wrong....Western Medical Stupidity that place my loved ones at risk...Garbage, and human made synthetics in or near my earth and stonework...Money as God...

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      I drink a lot of coffee. I eat very little to stay energized.I'll eat anything.I like it all.