Origine: Espagne

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    Cambodge, Népal, Sri Lanka, Thaïlande

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    28.11.2019 - 16.06.2020

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    Hi dear human beings! :)
    I would like to give you a warm welcome to my profile. I tried to make it as kind as I try to be in person :)
    My name is Oona and I from Spain.
    As a human being, I consider myself someone with a truly independent, creative and free spirit. I like to improvise and be open to things happening to me. Flow with the rhythm of the site where I am. I am an energetic, adventurous and brave person who likes to say yes to new projects, leave the comfort zone and not listen to what fear has to say.
    I decided to start this wonderful travel trough Asia in the very moment I listened my heart asking for it. That’s why I am looking for the experience of being in a spiritual and beautiful culture far away from the stress of the west. Searching of other stimuli and waiting to see other kind of lifestyle.
    I am one of those people who think that you have to sing the song that you have inside. I am currently adding notes and chords to this song and composing it by myself.
    Here I am: open to receive all the things that have to happen to me and ready to understand what they have to give me and why.
    Whoever is reading this, I am really excited to meet u :)

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    Baby-sitting / garde d’enfant
    Entretien / Bricolage
    Cuisine / courses
    Aide à la maison
    Aide avec les animaux
    Travail associatif
    Aide avec les langues
    Projet artistique
    Aide informatique / Internet

  • Quelles sont vos compétences ?

    I work as a freelance creative writer on projects related to communication, radio, press, responsible advertising and creative writing. I am also an amateur photographer for years with a lot of interest in social photo and documentary. I have high knowledge of graphic design and I consider that beauty has a function and its importance in every project you do.

    To let yo know, I have not only worked in writing, photography and desing. Also I have had many random jobs during all my life:

    - I worked as a cooker in Dreamsea Surfcamp for five months.
    - Also I was the manager of vip area of this same surfcamp for five months.
    - I was working as waitress for several years and housekeeper of many hostels around the world.
    - I have been working in reception of a familiar business for many years doing administrative tasks.
    - I worked as Aupair for a year in United States.
    - I worked as volunteer in a library during all my life participating and organising many cultural events.
    - I have worked all my life in the field since my family has crops of chestnuts, cherries and grapes.

    Everything I do I like to do with creativity, love and imagination. When I participate in something I usually propose new perspectives or ways of doing things. I usually jump into all the projects which can enrich and contribute to myself. I love adding new skills to my brain that never sleeps and I always like to be “working in progress".

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    English & Spanish

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    I am also a rather empathetic and social human being, I really like meeting other people and paying attention to everything that happens around me. I really appreciate having good people around me and sharing experiences in community. I am very curious and observant: the truth is that I consider that the human being is the most interesting thing that exists.

    I am an active and relaxed person at the same time, with this I mean, that I have the ability to enjoy both dynamic outdoor activities and more relaxed activities related to art and or culture. Lover of harmony and chaos in equal parts.

    I try to be a person that makes living together easy and pleasant. I believe in the power of communication and consider that all conflict can be resolved by listening to the others and putting oneself in the place of the other.
    I am an enthusiastic and idealistic person. I admire people who do significant things for our society.

    I firmly believe that the world could work much better if we all stop to think about what moral values we have and how we act in the world with respect to them. Therefore, I try to be analytical, reflective and responsible when making decisions. I believe that the soul must be fed and my food has always been to involve myself in social responsibility projects.

    I have been practicing yoga for several years which makes me feel strong and agile, giving me awareness and control of my senses. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and I consider our body to be our temple and I try to take care of it and listen to it every day.

    I like to spend a little time every day to observe how I felt and reflect and write about it, learn from my cycle and try to escape from the dictatorship of happiness that this society imposes on us.

    As daily habits I like to put a soundtrack to my days, from world music, jazz, soul, blues, classical music, electronic music, fusion, reggae etc. I really enjoy cinema and a good book.

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Doing some farm work in Nepal ;)
Enjoying the creative process!
Doing creative pottery :)