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    I consider myself to be a responsible, adventurous and creative person with a big desire to travel and live new experiences. I am the sort of person that enjoys taking part in as many activities as possible and believe that what motivates me the most is the urge to live life to the fullest. For this reason, I am a very active person as I fill up my free time with all sorts of activities including sports, art, music, volunteering and extracurricular learning (I love history, politics, economy and philosophy). I consider myself to be a very social person because I really enjoy meeting new people by joining groups, teams and clubs. Also, I like to help other people as much as possible because I believe and have faith in a better world which we can all build together. This is why I try to care for the environment and participate in volunteer projects. I am very hard working and I try not to waste any time. The fact that I have lived for more than 8 years in two countries with different cultures, (Spain and England) makes me a very open minded person.

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    Firstly, I consider myself to have a lot of experience taking care of children and entertaining them. I have been working as an english teacher for spanish kids for 4 years in which I have really learnt how children learn and behave. Mostly I play games with them and motivate them to interact so that they can really learn how to communicate in a language which is not their own. This year I have 9 students that are of a wide range of ages (4 to 15) and I work 8 hours a week. I have also done a bit of babysitting on two occasions. Although I have learnt a lot on how to work and look after children, nothing has taught me more than the two summer camps which I have worked at as a leisure time monitor. The first one lasted 12 days and I worked with kids aged 6 to 9 years old and the second one was 7 days long and I worked with children aged 8 to 10. I have also volunteered as a leisure time monitor in my scout group to help the scout leaders manage some big activities. This full time job during the intense days at the camps has made me really aware of children's needs, how they interact with each other and the environment and how we must work to entertain and bring out the best of them.

    Secondly, I am fully fluent in Spanish and English. Currently I'm living in Spain, in Madrid, with my parents who are spanish although I have lived for more than 10 years in England because of my mother’s job. She is a primary school teacher and my dad is a doctor. Because of this, when I was 4 years old we all moved to the United kingdom where I studied until I was 13 in an English state school. This means I was practically brought up as an English kid; all of my friends were English, the school I went to was English and all the extracurricular activities I did were all in english. Even though I had a hard time when coming back to Spain, I eventually got used to the new culture and I love it. I have finished my studies here in Spanish state schools.

    Another skill I have is cooking and I'm pretty good at it, although I've mostly made vegetarian dishes and desserts. Because of this, I am making my family lunch every day this year. I also play the electric guitar and taught some friends how to play.

    Apart from this, something I really enjoy doing is gardening. I have a friend who is studying gardening that helps me and I´ve also learnt a lot from my grandfather who is a retired farmer. In my house I have helped to install the watering system and to plant vegetables in the allotment. I know quite a lot about plants and how to take care of them.

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    My free time is something I value a lot and I have always enjoyed filling it up with as many extracurricular activities as possible. I am currently doing Judo and rock climbing and in England I used to do kayaking, I even participated in the London Youth Games. I also love running and going hiking in the mountains. Apart from sports I am also part of a Scout group called Jarahonda where I take part in many activities like camping and lately I have been helping the leaders to manage the group. Another hobbie I have is cooking. I have also gone to many summer camps (8 camps) when I was younger and because I enjoyed it so much, I have now become a leisure time monitor to participate in them as much as possible. Another thing I like doing in my free time is volunteering. I have been part of some projects like helping in old people's homes and cleaning up litter from parks. I really like music and I have been playing the guitar for 6 years.

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