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    French Polynesia - Desde Nov 2019 Hasta Nov 2029
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    🌺 Aloha, Kia Ora, IaOrana, Kia Orana, talofa, konnichiwa, bula, bonjour, hallo, Manahoana, hola, namaste, we are all related, we are one, hugs, blessings, much love 🌺🐢🐋im currently in Europe I was in Tanzania until 12 months ago volunteer with kids and was one of the best time of my life, before in Japan by more than one year. Did volunteering and cycling all around Japan, babysitting, volunteering in surf shop, Cafe, camping, gardening, cooking and in permaculture farm community in Shikoku, and in Sendai painting all inside/outside and roof all in a camping and cleaning. In Chiba prefecture working in a art village, cleaning cabins.
    Before I was volunteering and exploring with van in Big Island and then Maui for total 3 months. I want come back in Africa hopefully help humanitarian projects for kids and refugees and survivor and indigenous in Kenya, Zambia, Zimbawe, Ethiopia, Namibia, Madagascar and South Africa. I want help country in need and do humanitarian works, do bike touring all world in free time and hope also learn sailing, I have running bike in italy by more than 22 years and i love mountain bike and drawing, painting and camping on the road. I love to help in project eco and help country in need and help for education and i really love all indigenous people and simple life in nature and eat raw vegan foods.

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    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Compañía para ancianos
    Mantenimiento general
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

    Puedo enseñar:  

    Cuidado de niños y juegos creativos
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Vida en una granja
    Proyectos ecológicos
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales
    Trabajo de caridad
    Práctica de idiomas
    Proyectos artísticos
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    energetic, adventurous, active, a wild no limits adrenaline addict. backpacker. I love create with the hands, love animals, nature, explore and indigenous culture. Love to help and really motivated to learn new skills. Love gardening and landscaping, did in Italy and Australia, Japan, Hawaii and Europe. Love camping i did in all Australia and worked in a camping in Norway. Love to learn permaculture, agroecology, ecology, sustainable living, i worked in a eco farm horses in WA.
    I'm art graduated, diploma of art, i studied architecture, interior, decorations, history of art, anatomy, graphic, painting, drawing, etc... i love always be creative and travel the world, i love antropology and archeology. I love repair and create clothes. Hope to travel all Africa with bicycle and help in charity humanitarian works and also Asia or all country that need help, also war country and help for refugees, and work with animals.
    I'm friendly, enthusiastic, work hard, and i love work outdoor and do not easy work. Love all sports by always, in middle and high school I did athletics and running competitions, and I'm orange belt kick boxing. I do running, cycling, kickboxing, yoga, volleyball, tennis, hiking, rollerblade, snorkeling, swimming, dancing, skating, pilates, workout, canoeing, driving, biking, kung-fu...
    I'd love to learn to sailing and became digital nomad. I love to do massages, friends and people i meet says I'm very good, and even in head, I learned when I was a hairdresser in a salon.
    Easy-going, super adaptable, punctual, love organize, determinated, love KonMari Method and decluttering, organize spaces, interior design, decorating, love take pics, make videos, drawings, painting, be positive.
    Love meditation, simple life, respectful and open minded.
    I'd love to learn surfing and diving, and really love to learn also Polynesian dancing, learn flying with Wingsuit and skydiving. I want to learn as much languages as possible, im trying to learn swahili now, and better french.
    Always learning, reading, writing.
    I worked in bakery, for charity, help with animals, horses farm, harvesting fruits, volunteering, cooked in yoga ashram and housekeeping, worked for charity with homeless and immigration in Caritas Italia, painting houses with my friends who are professional painter, decoration painting.
    I worked in hotels, thermae and lodge, housekeeping, waitress, hairdresser, gardening landscaping, cleaner, fruits-picking, farm, babysittings many times also to twin and dogsitter, child and elderly care, graphic design, in bar and hostel, cooking and help in camping, volunteer in Tanzania in orphanotrophy and in one school and one daycare.
    Love recycle and fix things. Lived in Spain alone at 18, travel Europe, North Africa and Middle East, love meet new friends, travel with tent, sleep under the stars, i travel almost all Australia with tent. I would love to help and work in humanitarian projects open a eco communities vegan farm permaculture In Polinesian triangle, Oceania, Africa, Usa and Asia, Europe totally eco and free for all the travellers. Unconditional love

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    Inglés: Fluido
    Italiano: Fluido
    Alemán: Principiante
    Español: Principiante
    Francés: Principiante
    Japonés: Principiante
    Swahili (Kiswahili): Principiante

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    I'm animal lover, and activist, animals rights, human rights.
    I'm vegan by 14 years, love Sea Shepherd and I'm in group women of the world against Taiji, joining together in ending the dolphin drives that happen every year in the Cove in Taiji, Japan. Love all indigenous culture and history. Love read about antiquity, Lemuria, Mu, Atlantis, archeological sites, astronomy, astroteology, science, religions… Gods and Religions on Planet Earth, Consciousness and Awakening, Multidimensionality. Hz, Multiverse Origin of Life and Man. Our Stellar Origins. Pineal Gland and Portals Stargate, Synchronicity, Teleportation, time travel, ufo…
    I would love do all safari i can, help animals, work with animals, all sacred places, national parks, pyramids and neolitic points and eco travel. All adventure and not easy roads, Göbekli Tepe, Chichen Itza- Mexico, Amazon, The Forbidden City China, Machu Piccu, Leshan Giant Buddha in China, Bali, Teotihuacan, Te Wahipounamu in New Zealand, Petra, RapaNui, Hoi An in Vietnam, Ancient Kyoto-Japan, Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer statue, Everest, Abu Simbel- Egypt, Angkor Wat - Cambogia, Kilimanjaro, The ancient ruins of Hatra are located in Iraq, in the Persian province of Khvarvaran, Iguazu Falls, Mauna Kea, Galapagos Islands - Ecuador, Los Glaciares National Park - Argentina, Hampi - India, Old Havana- Cuba, Mount Fuji- Japan, Cradle Mountain National Park in Tasmania- Australia, Prambanan Temple- central Java Indonesia, Historic Centre of Macau, Bagan- Myanmar, Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, The great wall of China...
    I would love also live with gorilla in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda, i would love to see snow leopards and tigers , see all animals in their natural home, Madagascar, and eco travel, see cetaceans and underwater treasures, and Tibet, Himalayas.
    All Asia, Oceania, Africa and South/North America, Central America and Middle East & Europe, chakras of the earth.

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      raw vegan, i dont drink alcohol and dont smoke. Food have Hz, i eat food that have highest Hz like fruits and veggies and nuts, seaweed & seeds