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    Bélgica, India, Irlanda

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    08/09/2019 - 01/10/2019

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    I like to believe I am a free spirit that is always searching. Live the moment and follow your guts that is my philosophy.

    I am very enthusiastic and sometimes my Latin roots and honesty could be too intense for some people, besides that I consider myself easy going and a very adaptable person, who really enjoy the simple things in life. A sunny morning, a walk across the nature and a good cup of pretty much everything. Autumn and spring could be the only midpoints that I really like haha

    I am permanently exploring. I love travelling and searching for new things, experiences and feelings. I am a very curious person, I like to observe my surrender and try to understand our behavior into this society. Enjoys listened to different perspectives, ideas and life styles, willing to learn and open my mind everyday.

    During my trips I walk a lot, I like to visit local places, where I can see the real atmotphera, and learn more about the culture. I appreciate street art, graffiti, independent performances. I enjoy taking photos of things that caught my attention, I would love to improve my shots and be able to reflex what those items generate for me.

    I am really into food, I love eating, talking, reading and making pictures of food. I also enjoy cooking and sharing recipes and new ideas. I need to admit that I am a bit picky with the products I consume. I try to
    avoid going to the supermarket, I stay away from packets, bags and colorful boxes, I prefer to spend hours around the markets, buying local and handmade food, discovering natural ingredients, and learning about seasonal options.

    Since my trip around India I have become more and more aware of my time on this planet, and I enjoy chatting with people that I feel are on the same wavelength. I have been reading a lot about our habits and how we could improve the way we eat, live and shared the earth. I want to learn more about sustainable life, eco frienly envirometns.

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    I am from Argentina, and even though not everything that is said about us is true, one things if I can assure you, not everything is fixed with wire haha.

    I grew up in a small family, where abundance was not common, we all helped with daily activities, and when we had to fix something in the house, paint, clean the garden, or whatever it was, the solution always would come from the inside, as well as labor haha. This helped me to face multiple situations and affiliate my skills.

    I can not say that I will know how to solve each problem, but I can assure you that I will put all my effort into solving it and find the most effective solution.

    I studied to be an architect and I work in a few design studios. I was fortunate enough to project and to execute my own housing design, it was the most exhausting and pleasant experience in my whole life. I would do it again and again. Despite the pressures, the satisfaction of working on something that it mine was incredible. I am very interested in sustainability, and in bringing architecture to all social strata, without the economy being a real impediment to having a good quality of life in harmony and respect with the environment.

    I left my country 3 years ago, and I have been travelling since then, years, with a few long stops in the middle.

    I spent one year in Australia working in a kitchen for a very active catering company. It was extremely intense, but I enjoyed a lot. Not only because I was cooking, learning about new ingredients and recipes, but also because we constantly change the scenario, redoing kitchens in the most remote places and cooking for all types of guests.

    After that I lived in an Olive farm for three months. Being in touch with nature, out of the city, taking care of the garden, growing our own vegetables, helping with the daily chores and working on the production line. I need to admit it was a big challenge and change my way of thinking in many ways. Because of my skills, I also helped with the administrative work.

    I I spend 3 months in India and Nepal. This changed me, not in the way I expect but in the way I was needing.

    After that I made a technical stop in Argentina to visit the family and recharged batteries. I travel a few months around the Balkans learning about the war and the ex Yugoslavia.

    I stayed in many houses, and I had guests with the most diverse background and traditions. I heard many stories and learned a lot about other cultures. All these experiences opened my mind and helped me to rediscover myself, (Still a long path to walk). This stories plus my Latin roots made me a person who adapts very easily to different situations and environments. I love learning new skills. I am a very motivated person who really enjoys different types of projects and challenges.

    For the last year I have been working in a very busy kitchen in dublin, learning and rediscovering myself in the daily duties, but it is time to leave the confort zone again and let the life surprise me.

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    I wish the world could be more equitable. I fight everyday for that, sometimes I put too much energy in those small "battles"and could be exhausted, but I truly believe that smooth gestures can modify the way we see things. For me everything relies on good communication and the ability to listen to others.

    I like watching crime movies and series. Nature, food and travel documentaries are my weakness. Sometimes I think I should have lived in other ages, so I love those films that reflect the beginning of the "modern life". They inspired me.

    I feel relaxed when I listen to chill music. I love to discover new bands and sounds. I find viniles extremely cool.

    I enjoy a sudoku afternoons and board games during rainy days and winter nights haha.

    I love reading, but I never remember the authors and the name of the book I have read. I am into differents subjets and recommendations are always more than welcome!

    I am really into art. I think is a the most wonderful and powerful way you express feeling, sensations, emotions. I would love to develop more my skills into photograph, clay pottery, painting, graffiti so and so on.

    I strongly believe that we all have something to learn from each other. Let´s started!!

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      I do not really like labels so I will not say I am vegan, although I choose to consume vegetable products and almost never add meat, dairies or eggs in my meals. However, I adapt very easily and I do what my body feels at that moment. I love to taste loca

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