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    Germany - Desde Feb 2021 Hasta Dic 2022
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    Always loved to travel. Recently been to both Germany and Italy. Take my Mountain Bike. Love to get to secluded areas and explore places that cars and public transport miss.

    Really keen on the outdoors, Be it Forests or beaches. Love to explore old abandoned Urban explorer stuff. Old buildings etc. Really, really cool. So many extraordinary places out there.

    Lived in California for 17 years. Very keen on hiking in the mountains or dirt bike riding. But biggest adventure was probably The Seychelles. Two weeks on Bird Island. Fantastic. The water, the calm, the snorkling...

    Really looking to get out and away from the normal routine that others have. Life is too short. Something I recently found out when my brother was almost killed in a motorcycle accident. Getting stuck in the rat race with the short amount of time we have... What's the point?

    I'm a hard worker, been doing 70 hour weeks during this whole silly pandemic nonsense, but want to learn new things, explore what the world has to offer and what I can offer it in return.

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    GReat. Like a job interview. Describe yourself in 25 words or less. Well, as I mentioned I'm adventurous. Once the travel bug bites... Did a lot of snorkelling in The Seychelles and really keen to do more. Dirt bike riding, have a couple of good Mountain bikes. Really hard worker, always willing to get involved and complete tasks sooner rather than later. Really good social skills and people friendly. Always like to hear other peoples stories of travel and adventure. Really can turn my hand to most things. and always willing to learn new stuff and get it right.

    Pretty independant. I moved to California on my own and started a new life. Have my California family now, But I want more. There's a whole world out there and I want to be part of it. I want experience new things and learn new skills. I want every day to challenge me in a new way.

    I'm a huge animal lover. Dogs especially. I had four Pit Bulls (sadly all have passed now), and although I house shared with friends when I got back to the UK (my duty was to take care of the dogs while they were busy in exchange for free rent) I miss my dogs so bad. But now I have the chance to travel as I'm not tied down. I want another dog. Badly. BUt the time is not quite right just yet.

    I helped friends renovate a five story house on my return to the UK, so I'm used to trying to develop from devastation. The house had been abandoned for many years. So was learning all sorts of new things being involved in that. Not least of which was what not to do.

    Pretty good on computers and other assorted things. But I'm not really a social media type. I do have an Instagram, but that mainly only extends to the last few months to show friends my photos of Italy and Germany.

    Recently been signed up as an NHS volunteer to help people through this Covid situation.

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    Being English we all assume everyone understands us. So far I've done OK in the countries I've visited. And Good old Google Translate... What can you say? But I want to learn a new language. Had a try at a little German, but it's tough when you're on your own and have no one to practice with. Also Spanish seems a good idea. I really want to visit Mexico now. But I can teach English. Not on some kind of professional level, but I am keen to help others learn. I've had experience teaching people new skills at work, and I'm sure I could find some common ground and a way to help others improve their English. Cause I'm quite good at English.

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    Well, as mentioned the dirt bikes and mountain bikes. I left my last dirt bike in CA and really want another one. My two mountain bikes are a gravel bike and hard tail mountain bike. I take these with me when I travel. It really makes a difference. Germany is amazing when seen from a dirt bike.

    Yeah, I do all the usual computer stuff, but I'm not a big gamer. I'd rather go out and be doing something ratther than sat at home. I used to be a HUGE gym goer and have completed some 10K races, Couple of half marathons, 18 mile cross country and was this close to doing a marathon and I moved to CA. But I like the gym, like the atmosphere and really like to push myself.

    And I can be a nerd. Comic book nerd. But it doesn't affect my regular life. OK, I have a couple of super-hero tattoos but my interest has waned over the years and although I still dabble I really find that I want new experiences in my life.

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