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    Hello, we are Selina and Vincent and we have been traveling together since January this year. We started in the US and after a two month break we have now chosen Spain as our next stop.

    A little bit about Selina:
    It has always been my dream to travel. Since my dad is from Minnesota, it was always obvious to me that the US would be my first travel destination.
    I'm a huge animal lover, which I'm sure has something to do with the fact that we've always had animals at home: Dogs, cats, chickens, fish.... Everything a kid's heart desires.
    I enjoy being outdoors with friends, but I also really enjoy relaxing evenings with good conversation and movie marathons (during which I often fall asleep, unfortunately).
    I am a very outgoing person. Being alone often drains my energy, so I love to have company, even though I know I should practice being alone a bit more.
    When I'm not working, I like to do abstract paintings, play the guitar, and do yoga in the mornings.

    A little bit about Vincent:
    I feel like I've spent a whole lot of time thinking about what I want to do with my life, and would argue that I'm one of those people who are very aware of how precious life and every single second of it is. However, this has also led me to be extremely analytical in many of my decisions. My focus, therefore, for a long period of time was to overwhelm myself with trying to self-optimize by trying to incorporate every possible routine into my day: doing sports, yoga, meditation and breath work - preferably in the morning, at noon and during the evening (I'm exaggerating here) - and blaming myself when something didn't work out. Over time, I became much more relaxed and after many detours, I finally decided to do what I always wanted to do: to travel. To meet new inspiring people, cultures and views that I can draw from and improve myself, instead of forcing me to do it through self-imposed tutorials and books.
    Many things in my life have made me very happy so far, but most of all I enjoy the little moments with my friends and family, drifting into deep conversations about life and philosophy or discovering new music.
    Professionally, I work as a video- and photographer and currently collaborate a lot with artists from the music scene. During my trip, I want to keep that going, but also want to dedicate myself to another project I have been planning for some time now which I want to put into action when my/our trip begins.

    A little bit about the two of us:
    We both met in June last year. Vincent had always wanted to see more of the world and was impressed by Selina's plan to travel across the US.
    That's how Selina ended up living in New Braunfels, Texas for three months more than half a year ago. All this time, the two of us kept in touch, even though we had just met.
    We kept joking that Vincent should sell everything and quit his job to fly to America and join Selina.
    Well, the joking turned serious, and that's how it all started.
    Eventually we put our further travel plans together and so in January 2022 Vincent followed Selina to the US and we met in Colorado. From there we went to Arizona, California and Hawaii. We got to meet so many great people during this time who enriched our journey incredibly and especially in California we had so many utterly utopian coincidences that we will never forget for the rest of our lives.
    After traveling together worked out so well, the decision to do the same in other countries was quickly made. Also, we both prefer a vegan or vegetarian diet, we like to meditate, read the same books, do yoga and live healthy - mentally and (try to) physically.

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    Yoga / bienestar
    Actividades al aire libre
    Vida en autocaravana
    Trabajo de caridad
    Arte y diseño
    Dibujo y pintura
    Bricolaje y manualidades

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    Inglés: Fluido

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    We can teach some German or English and we would love to learn Spanish during our time in Spain :)

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    Proyectos ecológicos
    Trabajo de caridad
    Proyectos de construcción y bricolaje
    Compañía para ancianos
    Vida en una granja
    Ayuda con ordenadores/Internet

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    Mantenimiento general
    Cocinar para toda la familia
    Ayuda doméstica
    Cuidado de animales

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    Proyectos artísticos
  • Que habilidades tienes?

    Vincent is a professional video- and photographer. He is also a fantastic cook (mostly vegetarian) and speaks excellent English. His creativity extends to all aspects of life.
    When he was still in school, he sold ice cream and delivered pizza on weekends to earn some pocket money.
    In 2019, he completed a media design apprenticeship, after which he worked as an independent filmmaker for a year. In 2021-2022, he was asked to join Blackfire Media - a film production, recruiting and social media agency.
    During this time, he was very important to the company in the areas of conception, camera and editing until he decided to start his travels with Selina.
    At the end of last year, he went on tour with a band from Dresden and produced several tour films for them.
    He also joined the second tour in April 2022, which is why we returned to Germany earlier from our trip in the US. If you are interested in his work, here is the link to his website: or Instagram: @vincenthuebler

    Selina has already had experience with different jobs. Whether it was helping out at the hospital after school, delivering pizzas, working at the bar in clubs, as a trainer at the gym (where she also did her apprenticeship) or as a saleswoman at the drugstore.
    Since her parents own their own property, Selina has always helped a lot around the house and with gardening. This includes various manual things: assembling cabinets, changing light bulbs, connecting lamps, painting walls, tidying up, sorting or rearranging things and other small repairs (Google has always been her best teacher in this when she's done something for the very first time).
    Selina likes to play the guitar, although she wouldn't call it a skill yet. She is also really interested in the ukulele.
    Her first job was at a neighbor's house, where she cleaned the horses' stalls every day. In return, she then got to go riding on the weekends.
    With Lockdown 2020, she started painting a lot of abstract art on canvas and selling some of it.
    From time to time Selina also works as a model for wedding dresses or as an actress for small commercials.
    During her time in Texas she worked as a waitress in a country bar for 3 months and also helped out in the restaurant at the same location. Because of holding American citizenship it is easier for Selina to get work in the States. So it happened that during her time with Vincent in Colorado, she was able to help out at her aunt's physical therapy facility for 2 weeks to supplement her travel money.

    Together we did various jobs in Santa Barbara, California to earn a few extra dollars. These included manual labor, such as painting exterior facades, or gardening, where we removed weeds from a gigantic property and made it look pretty again.

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