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    Greetings, I'm Gavin Ford from the plain rolling fields of Ohio,
    Although I come from a very simple land of soy beans and corn, I enjoy the complications of life, seeking out an adventure rather than follow the flow. I've always lived in Ohio, having lived a few wonky lifestyles here and there. From near Amish to, well whatever you'd call me now... Since the summer of 2019, my personality has developed into one which I am deeply proud of. Most of the people around me would describe me as an old soul, a title I'd display anywhere to anyone. My story to this point all really began at birth, obviously.
    I was raised as a Mennonite until around the age 10, being a very simplistic and rule oriented group. The only way I could explain the Mennonite lifestyle is to say its half Amish, half 21st century traditional American Christian. My parents divorced in 2010, my mother continued the Mennonite path, and my dad became Methodist. My parents went from living together, to 2 minutes apart in my hometown of Plain City (yeah, if the name doesn't explain itself...), then an hour away and so on. Currently my Mother Megan lives in Northern North Carolina and I live with my father Kevin and step mom Amanda In Tipp City Ohio. I have a whopping 7 siblings between the two sides.
    My personality started with little toy trains and progressed to building block towers, what any young boy dreams. I started to develop my love for all things old when I lived with my dad and grandpa. Always around 60's-90's music, classic cars, vintage tools, ancient dinner plates and silverware, and older people. I never really picked any of it up until that faithful summer of 2020. I remember my favorite thing to do at my dad's was ride my bike with the neighbor kids. I was cool because I could skid my rear tire and always popped micro wheelies. With my mom, id go out and work in the fields with my Mennonite friends. Jason Beachy and Jordan Hoover were my good friends from church. Jason had a wood shop and we'd build wooden ships and go fishing all the time. Having always been around people around I became very social at a young age. I also became a very hard worker, stemming from pulling weeds in organic farm fields from noon to dusk.
    When my mom moved away from the church in 2014, I left behind the Mennonite lifestyle. Dad moved to Tipp City that same year starting the distant relationship between me and mom. Mom fell into a deep hole like her side of the family had decades prior, and we stopped seeing her almost completely. I fell into a hole myself having lost the support of half my existence, luckily having some great friends to hold me up. Elliot Abrams, Spencer Mills, and Mason Kimmel I am proud to call the protectors of my fragile middle school self. Unfortunately I continued down a spiraling path. I hit rock bottom around August 2019, and was stuck with where I was through COVID and public schooling. In 2019, my life turned full circle with the coming of Summer.
    I like to believe it started in 2019 but got steam in 2020. in 2019, it started with a blue bike at the end of my street, a 1958 Schwinn Tornado. It was a girls bike, but that didn't matter, it was old and in desperate need of a restoration. Along with help from my Grandpa, some vintage tools, and some good ol' handy work, I had that bike riding like a 62 year old new bike. Around the neighborhood I collected the title of Mayor Ford, everyone knew me and I gladly talked to anyone who would listen.
    The summer of 2020 was when I found my 1960 men's Schwinn Tornado. With the addition of that red beauty I began to realized my love for the old was fueled by the story that it all carries. It is the beginning of a new chapter where I found myself. I began to realize that I was an old soul, talking to adults and older people like they were my friends from high school. I picked up the hobby of exploring abandoned buildings around the area. Also found the relaxing opportunity to start riding road bikes. I raced/road semi competitively with my 1981 Peugeot Super Vitus 980. I loved taking walks in nature, walking along the unbeaten path. I found my true friends that summer, Spencer Mills and Maximus Whitt. My newly found best friend Max would explore the forgotten places with me. A failed relationship with a girl forced me to think of daily philosophy, which became sort of a You Only Live Once mindset. This mindset is what I call the apex of change...
    The year of 2021 was my favorite, I began to explore a lot more with music. Picked up a sweet tooth for Pink Floyd and anything 60's-70's. Since I've become a musical explorer, calling more mellow and sophisticated songs my favorite. I still restore Schwinn's, but more of a side hobby. Got a job at a local bike shop in April, where I learned of this program and further devolved my personality. I gained two new best friends that year too, Elliot Abrams and Gabby Tuggle. Elliot and I continued to explore the abandoned, plus goofed around with our old time friend Mason Kimmel. Gabby is a gal I had always known since my early years in band, but only began talking to around September. Currently we are what you'd call friends, but the relationship between the two of us digs deeper into the soul and heart than anyone I've called a friend. Whatever path we take together is a happy one in my book.
    Now its on to 2022, where I want to explore my last year of life before I'm out on my own. This summer I want to get out and explore what's beyond the outskirts of my town. I've always dreamed of going to Europe, now I've realized why. To explore the foreign lifestyle, the people, the ideals, the views, the conversations, the foods, the dirt beneath our feet... Its all something I want to explore, now its my time to make that a reality.

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    I'd love to learn a language or further any past knowledge. I'm not the best teacher, but I definitely would give it a shot.

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    I'm great with hands on projects. I love to restore old bikes, tools, furniture, cars, etc. I can work with wood, including minor carving, building, house structures, trim etc. I have a basic knowledge of metal working, including experience Blacksmithing. I know how to work in gardens, mostly dirty work rather than expertly trimming bushes or what not, but could learn. Grew up on a farm, have a bit of experience with animals, more in the fields operating equipment and helping out. I'm a great drawer, more a straight-line/man made object drawer, but would love to diversify into natural shapes and landscapes. Love and have a great ear for music, can play Saxophone. Have worked at both a Bike and Car shop. Have very minor cooking skills, but would love to learn. Have the excellent ability to talk with many people.

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