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    03/07/2019 - 25/09/2019

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    Hello, I'm Lina and I'm from Germany :)
    I graduated from school this spring/summer and travel some time after that before I start studying again next year.
    Travelling for me means really to get to know the different culture, places, people and their language (and not only visiting the greatest beach or shopping mile).
    In school my superior courses were english and arts and I also participated in french lessons and am trying to learn some italian in my free time.
    Drawing, handicraft work and photography are one of my hobbies for which i didn't find much time lately due to work for school. I would be happy to help with anything that has to do with painting or art projects (but it's no must have).
    Apart from that I love books, music and animals.
    I have always lived with at least one dog and am training a 2 years old Cane Corso since he's a few months old. I love having long nice walks with him in nature and working with him in obedience school every week. I would be happy to work with or care about any animal during my homestay.
    When it comes to music I like artists and songs of various genres, my favorites are old rock, indie and alternative.
    Cooking is also becoming more and more a hobby since I started being vegetarian/vegan and more interested in eating healthy food so I would like to help cooking and also try new dishes :)
    If you are interested in learning german a little, or anything I know, like painting, I'm happy to teach you as well as I would like to try and learn new things.
    In general I am a rather quiet person but as I said I like to get to know different cultures and languages which is one of the reasons I'm doing this.

  • Tipo de ayuda

    Cocinar / compras
    Ayuda en una granja
    Ayuda en proyecto ecológico
    Ayuda en casa
    Ayuda con animales
    Ayuda de caridad
    Ayuda con idiomas
    Projecto artístico

  • Que habilidades tienes?

    As I said I can teach you something, may it be my language for example.
    I can help with anything that has to do with painting, I also like decorating and rearranging areas nicely.
    As I love (the work with) animals, I can help with taking care of them, feeding, cleaning cages or anything other that has to be done.
    I don't really have experience with gardening but would be happy to work in the garden, especially if you are growing veg as I'd like to learn something about that.
    Also I can help with shopping, cooking or general tasks in the household like cleaning etc.
    I don't have experience with (younger) children, as I only have one older sibling and no young family members but I'd say I get along well with children. Though I would prefer other tasks than babysitting if possible, but would be happy to try it once in a while because I am always interested in learning new things.

  • Idiomas hablados

    German is my mother language, I speak English fluently and basic French. Also I am trying to learn Italian by myself a little bit but it consists only od a few basic sentences so far..

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    I would be happy to do a video chat one time before arranging the stay.
    Above all I wish that everyone profits from the stay and that we'll get along well together :)

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      I'm trying mostly to eat vegan and I would prefer hosts who are vegetarian or vegan as well. Though I can also stay with you if you are meat eaters as long as there are options for me.