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    02/03/2019 - 16/03/2030

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    I'm a musician, writer and gardener who came to Greece from northern California 20 years ago and stayed. I live in small country places where I plant organic vegetables and flowers, take care of cats, swim when it's warm enough, walk, cook as ecologically as I can, practice older Greek and Turkish music on the violin, perform from time to time. I have a lot of energy and do best living in nature. I am in excellent health. My native language is English and I have published articles in English and done some proofreading and translation from Greek. My spoken and written Greek are very good. In Greece I have lived mostly on the islands of Naxos and Aegina, though I've spent time on Siphnos, Kythnos, and Mytilini. I would like to spend time in other places in Greece with beautiful nature and good people who are involved in growing food, taking care of animals, and living close to the land. I have a strong desire to connect with and help other people living this kind of life in Greece. I have spent a great deal of time in solitude and need to share my energy and skills with others. I consider relocating if I find the right place and people. I would also be interested in spending time in Greek cities where there are musicians who play traditional Greek/Turkish music and/or Ottoman classical music.

  • Type of help

    Cooking / shopping
    Help with Eco project
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    Organic vegetable gardening , flower gardening, teaching/helping with Greek or English language, writing articles in/editing/proofreading/translating to English. Good natural foods cook. Playing violin (traditional Greek/Turkish, Ottoman classical music). Teaching violin (though I don't play western classical music I can show basic violin technique). Animal care (though I know cats best).

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    English and Greek.

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    I hope that hosts will not be put off by my age. I usually don't tell people my age because I don't want to be put in a box/classified according to the number of years I've lived. I have more energy that many people who are in their early thirties, though I'm not up for too many hours of heavy gardening work and would prefer to do some gardening along with some of the other things that I do. I need to have a private and quiet space wherever I am, away from the sound of loud voices and television/radio, and where I can play my violin, when not doing required tasks. I am used to very simple country living and old houses. I would like to have internet access, and simple, home-cooked food as part of the exchange (lunch and dinner would be nice ) though I would supply my own coffee and make my own breakfast and make dinner for myself part of the time if ingredients supplied , and would have no problem with paying for some meals out (tavernas) during my work stint.

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      Cigarette smoke; dust

    • Special dietary requirements
      I prefer to eat organic vegetables and natural grains and pasta. I eat seafood and occasional chicken (as close to free range as possible). I buy local eggs (though not organically raised) , milk from smaller farms or monasteries, cheese and yogurt made w