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    Hey, my name is Janina, I am 20 years old and from Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany.
    I am an open minded person who loves travelling, experiencing new cultures and meeting people from all around the world. Furthermore, I would describe myself as calm and very down to earth.

    I have a lot of positive energy and it is easy to capture my enthusiasm for something.
    About me there is as well to say that I have always been very ambitious, this is why I have been passing my A-levels with very good grades in June 2017.
    After that I took a year to travel and explore; I have been workawaying in Switzerland and on Hawaii's Big Island and Maui for three months and backpacking in Vietnam and Laos for a month.
    For my further education I started studying History bilingual (German and French) as a major and English Literature as a minor in 2018 at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, to where I moved from my hometown Hagen in Germany. My career goal is to be a journalist specializing in history and/or literature, but most of all I want to find a job that interests, but challenges me at the same and that makes it possible to travel a lot.

    My hobbys are doing Yoga, swimming and running, which I do regularly. Besides, I love to dance; ever since I am 4 years old I am attending Ballett and Modern Dance classes in a studio.
    I am passionate about everything creative, just like painting, reading and writing, which i mostly do in my spare time.
    Besides that, I love anything outdoors, for example hiking and skiing, but also windsurfing.

    Another passion of mine is the circus.
    Since I am ten years old I am participating in an integrative circus project called "Quamboni". The concept is that approximately forty children aged between ten and eighteen are practicing their various skills, for example (air-) acrobatics, juggling or clownery, all throughout the year during their weekly training.
    During the summer break, a circus tent is rented and the children and teamer are living together in a camp for 3 weeks, where they create a two-hour-performance for visitors. The performance is redesigned every year and presented at the end of the camp.
    Since I am too old to participate in the performance because I am already older than eighteen, I have been part of the team that teaches the kids just until I moved to Switzerland in summer 2018.
    Quamboni is not only a big part of my life because I spent a lot of time there during the week and the summer camps, but rather because it helped me to develop personally.
    For example standing in a circus ring and presenting my skills to a crowd did let me gain a lot of self confidence. Besides that, Quamboni taught me how to create something such as the summer-performance together with others; being creative and realizing own ideas in the circus arena, but also listening to other conceptions, supporting other people and their opinions, giving and getting feedback and finding compromises.
    Also, the Quamboni kids and teamer are growing together, especially during the summer camp, because they share an experience that is just extraordinary.
    Unfortunately I am not able anymore to participate but I can say that Quamboni really had an impact on who I am.

    My greatest strengths are that I am open minded, communicative, friendly and uncomplicated.
    Because of my curiosity for everything new it is easy for me to connect and make friends with people.
    Also, I am honest about myself and others. If there is a problem, I will speak up about it, but if I am the problem myself, I will accept the criticism and try to work on my attitude.
    My biggest flaw is that I am a perfectionist. Because I am always trying to achieve the best result, I am sometimes too caught up in my personal way of achieving it. Then I need to let go of my stubbornness and open up for other options.
    To put it in a nutshell, I think I am a reliable, easy-going and open minded girl who is able to adapt to many cultures and people, because I think that learning about anything different and new is an enrichment for me.

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    Babysitting / child care
    General Maintenance
    Cooking / shopping
    Help in the house
    Animal care
    Helping with Tourists
    Language practice
    Art project

  • What skills do you have?

    First of all, the experiences I have from my past jobs contain waitressing, private coaching in English, History and German, distributing flyer and newspapers, doing light carpentry work and housekeeping. Since the beginning of 2019, I am also employed at the "Freiburger Nachrichten", the local newspaper of Fribourg; I write some articles from time to time and get an insight into how a newspaper works.

    I did my first full time job during July (only for one month), where I had to work on the assembly line eight hours a day. This job requires no extra qualification and I only did it to gain money for my workaway.
    To be honest, it was very boring and I had to force myself every day to go there but I learned to sit this summer job through.

    On top of that, I have been working for my boyfriend's parents several times. They redesigned the house, so my work consisted of light carpentry; of sealing the holes in the wall with silicone, straightening the walls and painting them.

    Even though it is not work for me, my tasks at Quamboni consist of teaching circus skills and creating and planning the summer performance, but also of supervising the children.
    That means I have actually done everything this contains, for example smoothing down a dispute, doctoring small blessures, cooking meals or just lending an ear.
    The experience I have gained at Quamboni is definitely a reason for me to say that I have the ability to maintain children.

    The experiences I made with workaway so far contain of living on a ranch in Switzerland for two months during winter and caring for the ten horses living there, doing housekeeping and laundry for a hotel on Hawaii's Big Island for a month and doing housekeeping at an Airbnb place on Maui for six weeks.

    I love and respect animals (I have two cats myself) and I will do all kinds of animal work.
    Another skill of mine is creativity. So I am open for any kind of work that demands it, such as painting, designing or organizing things.

    Also teaching languages is something I would love to do. German is my native language.
    My English is very advanced and fluently an even though I never did a language test, I would state my niveau in the C1 area, because I have had English lessons in school for approximately 10 years and after that went on to study English literature as a minor at university.
    My French is advanced, too: I possess the B2 diploma and I am partly studying my major history in French and partly in German (bilingual studies). Furthermore, I live with a francophone family in Switzerland, so my French is continuously developing.

    In general I would like to state that I am curious for any kind of work and definitely willing to try and do my best.

  • Languages spoken

    German, English (niveau C1), French (niveau B2)

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  • What else ...

    All that is left to say is that I do not need much luxury to be happy. Peace and no drama are extremely important for me, this is why I will always try to contribute to a good atmosphere and spread a lot of positive vibes during my stay.

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      I am vegetarian, but I do not have any problems with preparing meat for others.


Here you can see me juggling with fire torches during my circus project.
Yoga in the Netherlands.
In the back you can see my friend and me while maintaining children of an elementary school.
Here I am doing air acrobatics during my circus project.
This is me doing some garden work at my friend's.
Here you can see me on the ranch I did workaway in winter 2018 together with the hosts daughter and our two four-legged friends.
In the Iao Valley on the wonderful island of Maui.
This vietnamese cat is trying get a peak into my cards ... He knows that I am winning :-P
Here you can see me backpacking in the laotian jungle.
Me with the "mascots", Romolus and Remus, of my university.
For my 20th birthday (that took place a week after I moved to Switzerland) I hiked on a mountain to enjoy this beautiful view of Fribourg.
This is me on top of the Haleakala, Maui's biggest mountain and still active volcano.
Here you can see me and my friends that I made on Big Island, Hawaii horseback riding in front of the beautiful scenery of the Wapi'o Valley.