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    Mi chiamo Francesca e abito a Cardiff. Sono un’appassionata della montagna e dello sci in particolare e lavorare in una stazione sciistica è sempre stato in mio sogno. Sono bilingue in inglese e italiano con una buona conoscenza del francese.

    My name is Francesca and I currently live in Cardiff. I am passionate about skiing and mountain life and it has always been my dream to work in the alps for a season. I'm bilingual in English and Italian with a good command of French.

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    Adventure sports
    Team sports
    Winter sports
    Outdoor activities
    Charity work
    Performing arts
    Cooking & food
    Fashion or beauty
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    I'm interested in:  

    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
    Charity Work

    Some knowledge of:  

    Babysitting and creative play

    Able to teach about:  

    Language practice
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    Through my legal experiences I developed my technical skills, undertaking legal research, drafting and monitoring legal developments. In my roles, I have taken on high levels of responsibility and enjoy the chance to excel.

    Studying abroad, I learnt the importance of cultural awareness and appreciating the richness diverse backgrounds bring to relationships. I strengthened my language and communication skills, conversing with people from all walks of life. I selected Law modules taught in Italian, assessed orally and, although unaccustomed to this system, I defended and communicated my views clearly, demonstrating my understanding and critical thinking of topics. My linguistic and cultural experience, developed during my year abroad, gives me the confidence that I would thoroughly enjoy and excel working abroad in the alps.

    I have had a passion for dancing from a young age and made excellent progress in various dance disciplines. In 2010, I was selected to take part in two dance teams for the live television semi-finals, ‘Got to Dance’ and ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I committed to strict rehearsal timetables, dedicating weekends to practising. I learnt to work with different personalities and developed long lasting friendships. I became a role model for younger team members and the wider dance school, assisting with lessons, clarifying routines and helping out at exams.

    I enjoy music and played the violin and piano, achieving grade 8 piano in 2013 while studying for my A levels. I took a disciplined approach to practising, ensuring I prepared every day in order to reach my goal.

    I have always been a sports enthusiast, active throughout school and university in athletics, cross-country, netball and hockey. I travelled around the country with the university Cheerleading and Gymnastics Club to national dance competitions, balancing training with studying. I enjoyed the social interaction and companionship from being part of a dance troupe. I go to the gym regularly and have developed an interest in weight lifting and high intensity interval training. I enjoy the challenge of this type of training and the motivation and physical stamina I need to push myself to my limits to achieve my goals. Sport is a great way for me to keep fit and at the same time de-stress.

    Through work experiences in retail, hospitality, legal and business sectors, I learnt the importance of competition, what drives and makes a business successful. As a hospitality waitress serving Platinum Club members and receptionist at Broomfield Alexander reporting to the firm’s managing directors, I established good relationships with individuals at different levels of seniority. As a temporary worker, I was comfortable adapting to new working environments, an essential role for a trainee moving seats.

    I participate in sports teams and was an Events Committee member for the Raise and Give society. I am comfortable working in different size teams.

    I have a broad range of work experience and have held various positions of responsibility. I maintain a healthy range of interests from sport to cooking and travel. I spent the summers of 2016-2018 working and travelling. I travelled around Brazil post-Olympics, around South East Asia and in 2018, I visited the North of India and Sri Lanka. It was fascinating meeting local people, observing and appreciating new cultures and learning about different religions.

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    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    Italian: Fluent
    French: Intermediate

    More details about my language interests
    Growing up in a bilingual family having lived in different countries I have been exposed to an open, international outlook from a young age. Over the years, I learnt the value of effective communication and I appreciate the richness different views bring to relationships. I acquired cultural awareness in communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds and understand the importance of this, particularly in cross-cultural negotiations. I am bilingual in English and Italian with a good command of French. I would love to teach others my knowledge of English or Italian as well as the cultural aspects that flow from learning a language. I would also be interested in learning a new language, to broaden my horizons and expand my knowledge of different cultures and communities.

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