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    Hi there! My name is Zoé, I am 25 years old and I live in the tiny but very beautiful country of Luxemburg. I will start with a fun fact I noticed most people do not know about: we do speak our own language – Luxembourgish. However, our official languages also include German and French, which we speak fluently.

    I just completed my bachelor’s degree in International Communication Management and want to continue my career in the field of Marketing and Communications. I am especially interested in the behavioral aspect of the field and fascinated by psychology. Before my Bachelor’s, I did an advanced technical degree in Film and Audiovisual studies and am a hobby photographer and filmmaker. This is another aspect that I wish to combine with communications.

    Since being young, I have been a very nature-oriented person and love being outside, going on hikes, discovering areas and getting to know new cultures. Being in nature gives me the calm that I need to feel balanced and at ease with myself, to get out of my head and to be in the present moment. For one and a half years, I have been practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga and would love to deepen my practice in this area. Other than this, I also love animals and the arts in general.

    I am a very open-minded individual who loves to learn about new things and to deepen my knowledge about topics I am familiar with. I love to engage in deep conversations and always strive to expand my worldview. I also love to help people and to work towards achieving a specific goal. In 2019, I did a backpacking trip across the west of Canada where I stayed at multiple Workaway places and completely fell in love with this way of traveling. Getting to know different kinds of people with their way of living and culture was a very special experience that taught me a lot. This is why I want to keep looking for experiences and cultural exchanges like these whenever I have the opportunity to. I think I think cultural exchanges are immensely important to grow as a person.

    At the moment, I am looking for a short stay of maximum 2 weeks during August, as this is the time I can take off right now.

    In terms of work, I am interested and open to pretty much everything, as I would love to learn new skills and broaden my horizons. I am a responsible person taking work and tasks seriously and always giving my best to accomplish them. I would love to learn from you and also take on challenges in work I am not necessarily experienced in yet. Lastly, I would love for you to share your culture and way of living with me and to also learn from you on a personal level.

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    Sailing / Boating
    Water sports
    Yoga / Wellness
    Outdoor activities
    Van life
    Charity work
    Art & design
    Performing arts
    Movies & TV

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    German: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    French: Fluent
    Luxembourgish: Fluent
    Italian: Intermediate
    Japanese: Beginner

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    I'm interested in:  

    Life at a Farmstay
    Eco Projects
    Charity Work
    Art Projects
    DIY and building projects

    Some knowledge of:  

    Helping around the house
    Animal Care
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    - As a communications professional, I am experienced in all kinds of communication such as corporate, public and digital communication, intercultural communication, marketing, behavior. I also have knowledge about media relations, project management and strategy development. In general, I love developing concepts.

    - I am a hobby photographer and have a degree in filmmaking, including videography, scriptwriting, storytelling, sound, lighting, directing and editing. I also know Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Photoshop and want to learn Illustrator and InDesign.

    - Because of my past Workaway experiences, I have basic knowledge about gardening and enjoy it a lot. I am also very interested to learn about plants, veggies, herbs, etc.

    - I also have some knowledge about animal care due to volunteering in an animal sanctuary for wild injured animals as well as in an animal shelter in the past, as well as from previous Workaway experiences where I took care of horses, donkeys and other farm animals.

    - Like I said in my bio, I am extremely open and enthusiastic about learning new skills I have not acquired yet and broadening my horizons.

    - In terms of languages, I speak English, German and French fluently. I used to be B1-B2 level in Italian and could speak It really well. However, the last time I spoke it was in 2016, so I lost a lot of it. Nonetheless, I can still understand it very well and I am sure that my vocabulary will come back quickly once I am surrounded by the language.

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    As I finished my bachelor's degree in July, I am currently looking for a job and it is possible that I will get invited to some job interviews during my Workaway stay. For this reason, I need a place with a stable internet connection that is good enough for me to have a video call.

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