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    Hello hello beautiful people !

    My name is Jade, and I'm pleased to meet you! I come from the beautiful country of France, and grew up in an old farm in the countryside, where my family still lives.

    I would describe myself as a very cheerful woman, eager to learn new things everyday and aiming to grow as a human being. I don't have a passion... I have many of them ;-) Curiosity and freedom are two of my main values, and lead me to extend my interest in all sort of topics. Life is incredibly rich in opportunities and surprises... But if I have to name a few of my *shining eyes topics* : travels (the low carbon and slow motion way !), science, innerwork, spirituality, dance, non violent communication, empowering women and the sacred feminine, minimalism, long term hikes (I walked 1800km on the camino de Santiago if it's familiar to some of you ! ;-) ), permaculture, eco construction, chamanism practices...

    The beginning of 2020 summer corresponds to the end of a long but "perfect" study path. I am just graduated in Geology, Geotechnics and Natural Hazards, as an engineer. On the paper, I was "on tracks"... But, you know... "normality" is not my thing ;-) And some of my past experiences led me to take quite radical decisions concerning my future ! Last year I took some months to travel around Europe as a Workawayer, and this changed my life. I worked in many different projects and countries, encountered hundreds of people and had some amazing experiences along the way... It felt like an mind opener: I started questionning many of my believes, both individual and collective. I am also very much concerned about today's challenges, concerning climate change of course but also society change as a result. This big colorful melting pot made my intuition voice impossible to ignore anymore : I had to choose a different way.

    So here is the plan (if there is one...) : I'm back on the roads again but with a set of intentions this time.

    1 - Expanding my horizon and pushing my limits. If I had one motto, it would be "Goodbye Comfort Zone"! I'm not afraid of durt, discomfort or challenging team work.
    2 - Meet others and through them, meet myself. Oh did I mention that? Listening to stories is one of my numerous passions.
    3 - Gaining practical skills, because this is what I miss the most ! I am eager to learn, super motivated and hardworking :-D I would be grateful forever if you could teach me handy jobs, eco construction or gardening technics.
    4 - Experience and learn more about community living.
    5 - Connect deeply with Nature and my body again. I've missed and forgotten that a lot.
    6 - Growing in consciousness and humanity : because it is my number 1 priority at the end, no matter what I encounter ;-)

    My plan is to create my OWN way of living and experiencing the world, following my intuition and using wisely my (super well trained is between) brain. Through this, I am seaking alignment and coherence. I want to let a big space for human contact, quietness and Nature into my life as well, because a good balance is so important :-)

    But let's be practical ! I'm just finished with my PDC (Permaculture Design Course) and continue travelling and expending my skills in France for the moment, with my partner Johannes and his sweet dog Benni.

    If I am writing to you, it is because your profile and project attracts me a LOT, and that I red probably 3 times through it already ;-) I am looking for quality time, deep sharing and trust, which I will offer on my side. You'll have the assurance of my commitment, seriousness and smile ;-)

    I look forward to hear from you !
    With love and light,

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    English: Fluent
    French: Fluent
    German: Intermediate

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    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    General Maintenance
    Eco Projects
    Animal Care
    Art Projects

    Some knowledge of:  

    Babysitting and creative play
    Creating/ Cooking family meals
    Life at a Farmstay
    Helping around the house
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    First, an ever lasting smile and good mood ! Positivity and joy are my best tools in life ;-) As I mentionned already, I am lacking a bit of manual and handyjob skills, but I have 2 hands, 1 functional brain, good physical condition and a HUGE motivation to learn ! However, I do have a small experience in gardening, harvesting giant cauliflowers in my garden at the moment ;-)
    Concerning "soft skills" as we say, I have some (a lot actually) experience in team work - leading a team as well. I enjoy a lot to work with all kind of personnalities, attending workshops in non violent communication and deep listening.
    I am totally fine with "home" work, cooking and taking care of kids :-)
    Oh and obviously I speak french, good english and a little of german !

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    I usually ask for a phone or video call, to share more about what we can respectively bring to each other :-) Hope you are fine with that !

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      I don't eat meat anymore, and rarely fish. However, I have no problem cooking them for others or eating them if really necessary for some reason ;-)