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    Hi everyone !

    Hope this text will finds you well!

    I am working as a maritime officer (ship security officer who is protecting the ship and all the people on it) on luxurious cruise ships and cruising around the world with an Asian crew + lots of German guest. During the months when I am not on board, I would like to do Workaway. :)

    This year I WILL BE FREE to travel at : 2022.MAY, and 2022.NOVEMBER

    I hope with this app I will meet with great people, learn more about life, get new skills and improve my current ones.

    Before this I was a criminal detective at the Interpol which I really loved but I quit the service so I can be an adventurer who travels around the world freely while collecting lots of experiences and memories.

    So far I have traveled to approx 40 countries mostly because of my jobs. I have spent most of my life in Hungary but I used to live also in China for 2 years (2017-2019) while I was discovering the country as a backpacking traveler (saw nearly every province and visited ~50 different cities) studying at a Chinese maritime/marine university and a police academy. I have spent several months at the Caribbean too as a seaman.

    My nationality and passport is Hungarian (EU) but actually I am a mix of Hungarian & Jewish & Italian & Austrian.

    You can find a couple more info about me below, but you can also text me if you would like to ask anything.

    //// I got 2x vaccinated with Pfizer-Biontech. I have vaild EU Covid Certificate ////

    Thank you for reading my profile!

    Have a nice day!

  • Interests

    Sailing / Boating
    Adventure sports
    Water sports
    Yoga / Wellness
    Outdoor activities
    Van life
    Charity work

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  • Skills and knowledge I'd like to share or learn

    I'm interested in:  

    DIY and building projects
    Eco Projects
    Art Projects
    General Maintenance
    Babysitting and creative play
    Helping with Computers/ Internet

    Some knowledge of:  

    Charity Work
    Animal Care
    Life at a Farmstay
    Being an elderly companion
    Helping around the house

    Able to teach about:  

    Language practice
  • More details about your skills


    • I am honest and direct.
    • In work I do what is told to be done because I was trained for this during my uniformed years. So I am happly work on my own or as a team member after the sufficient intructions are given. If I got some helpful ideas regarding the work then I am happy to share them with the fellow workers.
    • I believe the police work have improved my interpersonal skills such as patience, empathy, teamwork, active listening, a bit of leadership, how to be a teamplayer and also effective problem solving. Furthermore the police trainings (and seaman life) gave me the ability to endure and tackle wide variety of unpleasant or difficult situations. So I am not whining when things are getting less fun. Thanks for these trainings I am pretty good at cleaning as well. :)
    • Before the police job I was a full-time language translator (Chinese language translation of medical equipments.), language teaching volunteer (teaching English, Chinese and Hungarain languages), some sort of film actor + oil painter and drawer artist who sold some pictures.I got the basic knowledge of house interior painting too.
    • I have driving license for cars + I have heavy machine operator license (EU certified) for several type of cranes, forklifts, excavators, bulldozers, and hydraulic lifting machines.
    • Thanks for my family background I got plenty of animal farming and gardening experience. (I used to live in a small agricultural city for 20 years where we have lot lot lot poultry, some goats, a grapes garden and so on.)
    • I have many years knowledge of Kick-Boxing, Thai-Boxing, gun handling and archery. I know the basics of first aid too.


    • I cannot cook at all.
    • I can easily lost motivationt if I cannot find the meaning/purpose of the work which I am doing. On the other hand I am happy to work for a purpose and gladly help for others!
    • Although I was in the police for several years I am still not the soldier like "police officer" who is very very strict all the time and super serious. I am easy going, enjoying life, having long hair, lookin at the funny and positive side of everything. However I am following the rules and taking my responsibilities serious.


    • Hungarian Red Cross Youth Section (2010-2014): various charitable activities and drug prevention programs
    • "Emlékpontok" (Memory Points) audio-visual memory gathering project: interviewing elderly people about their life stories. The collection is displayed in museum now.
    • "Határtalanul" (Without Boundaries) program: charitable activities to support the Hungarian minorities in Romania.
    • Hungarian-Chinese Forum: teaching Hungarian and English for Chinese people in Budapest.
    • English teacher and nursing home visitor in China. I just did these to make people happy and help them a bit but eventually I have learned a lot from them.

  • Languages

    Languages spoken
    English: Fluent
    Hungarian: Fluent
    German: Intermediate
    Chinese (Mandarin): Intermediate

    More details about my language interests
    There is no language I wouldn't like to learn. :) I am using English on a daily basis because of my work although my mother tongue is Hungarian. I would like to improve my German and Chinese as these were fluent too but I haven't used them recently

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  • What else ...

    I don't smoke, ocassionally drink (but not a lot) and I never used drugs.

    Currently I am staying at Budapest, Hungary.

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