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Hi from the Workaway team!
Here at the workaway office, we are always looking for new ways to improve our site to make it as user-friendly and interactive as possible for all you lovely members out there!

Welcome Webinar…

New to workaway? Excited to learn more about and site and start using it like a pro? The Welcome Webinar is one of our recent features for volunteers with the objective to help you to get more support from the team personally. We can assure you that we are not robots working behind the site! 🙂

Workawayers who have signed up in the last 6 months will have access to this interactive webinar on their profile page. There will be a notice to the welcome webinar a week before it starts on your profile page. There is no need to worry if you skip your first welcome webinar, as you will have access to more weekly livestreams for 6 months.

Your personal Workaway webinar link is displayed under the 4 blue icons on your profile.

We encourage all members with access to the weekly livestream to ask us questions via @workaway on Twitter, which we will be answering live on the webinar. We will also be going through the basics regarding using the site, such as filling in your profile and finding your personal hosts to contact! Furthermore, we will introduce some of the less well known parts of the site and how you can get involved with our community — so stay tuned!

Our spontaneous meet-up…

Just in case you still wonder what we’re up to within the Workaway team, part of our team recently visited Danang and Hoi An in Vietnam last month for a short “Workation”! We were lucky enough to visit some local hosts in the area (Check out our other blog posts to read about our featured hosts )! And in between host visits we met up with the Workawayers travelling in the area using our ‘Meet Other Workawayers’ feature, along with travellers that are interested in joining Workaway.

One of our lovely meet-up guests was a family of two: Workawayer Nadja who has been volunteering as a teacher while travelling with her son. A classroom doesn’t need to have four walls! The care and dedication from volunteers and hosts are what makes these exchanges so wonderful.

Speaking of dedication, guess how long a traveller rode on his motorbike to see us??…3 hours! Thai is from Vietnam and is looking to travel to Thailand in his 2018 adventures (Good luck with that Thai!). Another of one our dedicated Workawayers from the UK visited several coffee shops before finding us!

We’re so blessed to have such a refreshing mix of interesting people with different volunteering and hosting experiences. And we can’t wait to have a chance to hold another meet up event again in the near future! Keep yourself posted via our Facebook page to look out for more meet ups in your area.

Get inspired to start your own adventure…

Back at our desks in the office, it always brighten up our day when workawayers come back to us saying how much they’ve enjoyed their adventures! Whether it’s a message, a photo or a video, we love to know about your cultural exchanges and learning opportunities during your workaways!

To inspire your wanderlust, we will leave you with one of our favourite videos that we’ve received this month, produced by Workawayer Bernát from Hungary who was volunteering at a B&B in Normandy, France with hosts Geoff and Linda:

“Every place is different, but I can assure you that it will be an experience that you will never forget.”

– Workawayer Bernát

“What we do find with the whole Workaway programme is that it’s a win-win situation.[…] We have met some of the most wonderful people from across the planet! And I mean across the planet from Australia to [France] and back again, and it’s been just a wonderful experience for us and hopefully for them as well.” – Workaway host Linda

We’re always happy to receive feedback from workawayers and hosts, and we’d love to be able to meet more of you, either in person or by reading about your stories online. It’s so inspiring to be involved in such a great community that’s brought together by your love for travel and willingness to give back. This is ultimately what Workaway is about. Write and share your adventures and inspire us with your experiences!

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