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Hello from the Workaway team! We hope everyone is feeling energised with the arrival of Spring very soon, and have started ticking off items on their travel bucket list for 2019 already. 🙂 As for those who are still looking for their next adventure, we have just the right thing to help get things rolling…

#tbt 365 days of workaway adventures from our travel photo gallery!

We’d like to start our first newsletter of the year by thanking all of our hosts and Workawayers that have opened their homes and hearts, taken the road less travelled and shown us their adventures through their lens!

Your adventures have taken us trail running along the French Alps, then given free haircuts to kids in Uganda. We’ve dipped into the cool nature pools of Sri Lanka, taken care of llamas in an Austrian farm, shared the joy of the holidays in California, and so much more… We are so inspired to have a glimpse into your globetrotting lives!

These snapshots of Workaway experiences are constant reminders that there’s so much of the world we have yet to see, so many stories waiting to be shared and connections waiting to be made. ❤️ We are so proud to have you all as a part of this platform where every project is unique and meaningful, especially those that give back to local communities in so many different ways.

Be the inspiration you wish to see in the world!

We love being able to provide a platform for our community to show off their photography skills, and also love that our favourite photographers of each month get rewarded with extra travel funds to keep their (and, by extension, our) adventures going! To keep 2019 full of inspiration, we’ve added some extra room for you to express through your travel photos.

When submitting your photos, add a caption and geotag too to share your own travel story behind your snapshots. Also don’t forget to drop down your social media handle so other travellers can follow your journeys for when we do feature your winning shots on our platforms. 😉 Who knows – maybe your photo will be what inspire new travellers to embark on their own volunteer abroad journey!

Go check out our collection of past winners here. ✨

Over to you! Workaway stories from our travel community

One of the highlights of the past year was reading the wonderful feedbacks from experiences that volunteers and hosts have had with each other, and it’s definitely something we look forward to this year as well!

It’s amazing to hear when Workawayers discover their hidden passions and talents through our site! These tidbits and snapshots don’t just make us want to jump on a Workaway trip ourselves immediately, we also feel the need to spread the wanderlust to you guys too! Here are just a couple of reviews we’ve read and absolutely loved:

Workawayer Chester from Singapore, on host Susanne in Canada:

“I only have good things to say about this family, so please bear with me. If you’re looking for an authentic Canadian ranch experience, look no further!

The family has got to be one of the quirkiest, most endearing families I’ve lived with in a while. A family whose members sometimes seem like pieces to different puzzles, every one of them plays a crucial role in the upkeep of the ranch and health of the family. Add to that their amazing hospitality and friendship, and you’ve got a very fulfilled traveller (me) on a journey in a faraway land.

canada alberta farm authentic experience

Work on the ranch is always fun, especially in the summer. In the month that I’ve been there, tasks ranged from typical gardening work to fencing, to pulling wood and cleaning out entire sheep barns, to helping brand and move cows. I had the pleasure to spend a tiny bit of time with the horses on the ranch as well, which made my experience a whole lot fuller.

Location is remote and stunning. You get a view of the Rockies from the well-furnished back garden. Great hikes in Canmore if you drive. Go a little further and you’ll hit Banff! Runs in the sun around the property are therapeutic. Football on one of the green fields under the sun was absolutely necessary. Fires with the fam. BBQs on the patio. Dinners with Vince. Drinking games with Vince (and whoever’s around). I should stop when I still can.

Food is always amazing, and abundant! I never worried that I’d not be able to eat as much as I wanted. Vince and Susan, who are likely the ones who will cook for you, are both great and generous cooks. Make sure to also ask for Stephie’s minimalist chocolate cake, Mark’s tequilas, Michelle’s pigs in blankets, Kim’s deviled eggs, and Sarah’s great stories!

Ask, because this family is big on giving.

I’ll see all of you in two years and a bit! Hopefully, you’ll still remember this Singaporean lad who cleaned out your entire fridge.

workaway-chester-freelancer-writing-jobscanada travel workaway beautiful scenery volunteer petting baby sheep
Workawayer Mariam from Germany, on host Claire in Ireland:

I had the most amazing time here with my host Claire.

I spend about 5 weeks with this great family but it felt like 5 days since the time flew. They were lovely and made me feel like the adopted 7th daughter fair[ly] quick. The work was fair and never too hard as a lot of horse riding was involved (my favourite task😎) and I enjoyed the time spend in the stable or on the roads. They brought me to different events and always made sure that I had a great time. One of my personal highlights were joining a hunt, and I think I’ve found a new passion.😂

I think I can say that my family grew a bit bigger and I can barely wait to see them all again. Thank you lads ❤️ !

And we can barely wait to hear more about your adventures as well! Please stay inspired, and keep inspiring us!!

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