Why volunteer travelling is THE gift to give for 2021

It’s always tough when it comes to finding a perfect gift for that someone special who deserves all the best and uniquely theirs! This year especially, with all the uncertainties and our lifestyles changes from the pandemic, we could all do with something different to inspire us to stay positive and hopeful for the coming year.

One thing we do know for sure, is that experiences will always make us happier than materials! So if you’re struggling for holiday gift ideas this year for the travel lovers in your life, how about giving them a year's worth of adventures, that they get to choose and experience just the way they want to?

workaway volunteer couple cuddle reminder in winter snow

Not to toot our own horn ( 😉 ), but here at Workaway we’ve got just the right gift for you -- here are 4 quick reasons why we think you or your loved ones deserve that Workaway trip of a lifetime:

1. For your bestie on a budget

Let your friend know that they don't need to stay home to save money, or spend a fortune to have amazing experiences. Going on a Workaway is basically as cheap as staying at home (if not cheaper!) -- especially when they get to kickstart their trip with a membership gifted by you! With 180+ countries and 50,000+ experiences to choose from across the globe, whether they're heading for the mountains, sailing off a tropical island, going on a safari, or exploring the streets of a vibrant city - anything is possible! As a Workaway exchange, hosts offer food and accommodation in exchange for some help with their project, so your friend will get to stay at their destination while exploring both its iconic landmarks and hidden gems -- rent free!

workaway kayak Thailand tropical paradise island

2. For that friend with wildly inspiring dreams but need a bit of a nudge

So many of us live with incredible aspirations which we hope to get around to doing one day when we have the time and money, but we forget that the enthusiasm is already a gift in itself and that we should listen to it and act NOW! Maybe you know someone who wants to create their own sustainable slice of paradise but don’t know where to start -- there's loads of hosts around the world who are happy to invite them to their own, and teach how to build mud houses, or live off-grid, or even just get introduced to the vegan lifestyle with a food-loving family. Or, maybe your friend’s life goal is to visit all of the Wonders of the World without breaking the bank, or just to learn to scuba dive... Opportunities like these seem a million miles away whilst you sit at home, but by having the world of Workaway within reach you can help your loved discover countless ways to turn their dreams into reality while exploring the world.

workaway girls couple discover Egypt Abu simbel temple

3. For that cousin who’s learning a second language at school

Here’s something a lot cooler than a vocab book: getting your language-learning friend a chance to immerse themselves in their favourite language! Whether it’s for that friend who’s always dreamed of speaking perfect French, or your roommate who would love to understand their fave Korean dramas without subtitles, going somewhere which speaks the language 24 hours a day is the best and most fun way to make progress. What’s more, living with a local Workaway host also means that they'll get to experience another culture in the most authentic way, and make lifelong friends who they'll keep practising the language with and for too!

workaway family cultural exchange Nepal traditional ceremony

4. For a loved one who needs to get out of a rut in life

We all get stuck in a rut when we don’t ever take any steps forward to get out of our familiar surroundings and routines. Sometimes all it takes to get unstuck is just to give that person an opportunity to see things differently. Workaway throws you into a different  way of life (of your own choosing), and gives us a fresh perspective on who we are, where we’re going and what we want from our lives. Sometimes we’re happy to return home and appreciate all we’ve left behind, but other times being away offers us new insights and possibilities which can take us off to a new trajectory!  It’s not unusual for a volunteer to realise that they want to change their lives in some way. This can be anything from discovering a new way of eating or recycling waste, to drastic lifestyle changes like changing their career, choosing a different place to live or even finding a soul-mate to share life with! (Don’t believe us? This  couple became inspired to start their own farmstay after test-driving the lifestyle through a range of Workaway permaculture projects!) Here at Workaway, the powers of transformation work their magic on people of all ages. 😀

workaway solo travel volunteering farm cuddle piglets

It’s so easy to get caught up in Christmas decorations and the shopping hype especially during these strange times, but in the spirit of giving, spreading more love and wanderlust, you can help your loved one to start their journey this holiday season!

This is a Christmas present that says, you deserve an opportunity to live your dream life or discover a new one, have experiences all around the world and meet people from all walks of life! So give Workaway a go or get it for your wanderlust friends

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