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Hi from the Workaway team!

We are constantly trying to improve the website and make it easier to travel. For us one of the challenges that travelling presents is being able to find and get together with others who are also on the move. One of the improvements we’ve made recently is allowing travellers better opportunities for meeting up with like minded people. The Meet Up feature has been part of the site for some time, but until now there was no way of saving the profiles of travellers that interested you.

New Feature

We’ve introduced a new feature this week which allows Workawayers to save their favourite traveller profiles in a new list. This can be accessed once you are logged in to your Workawayer profile. On the right hand side there is a new box called “Meet travellers nearby“. When clicked this will open a page showing a map with travellers who are in your area.

Meet up screenshot

This is where you’ll find the new list

The map displays icons representing you in orange and travellers in green who have allowed their position to be shown. The permission for this is accessible from your privacy settings. Make sure the “Allow other Workawayers to see my current location” option is ticked.

meet up map icon clicked

After an icon is clicked, the traveller’s image can be clicked to show their profile

Clicking on an icon will show that traveller’s profile picture and allow you to view their profile.

You will see that there are different icons for those who have indicated they are travelling (arms in the air) and those who are at home. You can set your status by scrolling down to the bottom of the map page:

status selection

Scroll to the bottom of the “Meet Up” map page to set your status






Once you’ve decided that you would like to save a Workawayer to your favourites it’s as easy as clicking the orange “Favourite” button in their profile to add them.

Adding tags to keep your favourites organised

Your list will be called “Favourite travellers” once you have added people. It will display any profile on which you’ve clicked the Favourite button. To be able to keep your list organised you can add tags to group profiles together. For instance, you might be interested in travelling with some of the people in your list and think that others could be fun to go out with while you are in that area. In these cases you might add “Potential travelling companion” and “Socialising” to remember the reason why you added them.

Don’t worry hosts, we haven’t forgotten you!

A new list similar to this will be made available to hosts in the near future. This should allow for better organisation and communication on the site.

We do hope that this new feature helps you to make more connections while travelling.



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