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  • Country: Mexico
  • Feedback: 1
We are a couple of women living in the countryside but working in the city. We want to finish building our house and make it self-sustaining. We eat very little meat (one yes, the other not). So far we have no animals other than the cows that the ......

  • Country: Mexico
I was born at Mexico City, but currently living at Aguascalientes, a small city in the middle of Mexico. Is small so everything is relatively close. I have travel a little, so I love learning about other cultures and countries, meet new people and ......

  • Country: Mexico
We are a happy family based on parents and two kids: cheerful baby girl (2017) and a lively girl (2015). And a baby on board (due on May 2019) Dad works full time job Sun-thursday and part time Saturdays, Mom stays home whenever she wants :) We are ......

  • Country: Mexico
I have travelled a little bit around the world and I feel like now its my time to give back. I currently live in Aguascalientes Mexico, a small city in the middle of Mexico. This state is great for having a real taste of what mexico is like outside ......

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