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    Hiya! I'm Xavi, 28, born and raised in Martorell (near Barcelona) and half-English. I'd say that people see me as an easy-going person who loves to live new experiences and meet new people. It is true that sometimes it has been difficult for me to stand up and live these, but now is the time for me to start a new adventure.

    My first and only time as a solo-traveller was when I just turned 18 and decided to go interrailing for a month, and it was excellent! After that, I have been busy, and sometimes trapped by sedentary life. It hasn't all been bad though, no way, I've made lots of friends and connexions, enjoyed many experiences, and have worked as an English Teacher and a Summer Camp Monitor for most of these, which led me to discovering my love for the latter.

    I learnt about Workaway when I went on a road trip to Porto with some friends of mine. In the hostel where we were staying we met three guys who were workawaying there and immediately fell in love with the idea, it was the same sensation that I had when my mum told me that Interrail was a thing when I was a child, I had to do it. And after years of searching for myself, and after this long pandemic, I have decided to go for it, that it is time for an adventure.

    My idea is to finally leave my hometown again. After 3 years living in Barcelona, I came back for what was going to be a few months to save up some money and leave Spain, and then lockdown struck on the day of my flight away. After 2 years here, for different reasons, I have decided that I've had enough, it is time to surpass my fears, stop listening to "sensible reasoning" and listen to my heart instead, I am walking out of my hometown towards France and continue to wherever it takes me. And on my way, stop and do different workaways, where I want to learn new languages, new skills, and meet new beautiful people that will help me grow as a person.

    So this is where I am now, where will I be next? I hope not to know and find out :)

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    I have worked as an English Teacher, Summer Camp Monitor, which has given me a lot of experience with children of all ages, from 5 to 17. Also as a Waiter, a Restaurant Assistant Manager, and picking fruit in the summer.

    I have also studied Cinema, Theatre and Music (I play the Drums).

    I also love cooking, I am used to doing house chores.

    I would also say I am good at multitasking and problem-solving, and just try to adapt to any circumstance.

    And I can drive.

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    I come from a bilingual country (Catalonia, Spain) and a trilingual family (half-English half-Catalan/Spanish), so I am fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English. I would love to continue learning French as my level is very basic, and whatever other language I would come by. Furthermore, I can teach any of my native languages and have been an English teacher for more than 7 years.

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    I like to try anything that comes my way. Personally, I love to party and dance, play any kind of games, play music, do some theatre, go hiking or trekking, swimming, I'd love to improve my bouldering skills (they are very basic) and a long etcetera!

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