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    13.05.2019 - 15.08.2019

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    Good Workawayer

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    In life I choose to seek discomfort and adrenaline. I thrive the most when I do things that gets my heart racing and where I can be in nature where I feel the most connectivity. I love to put myself in uncomfortable positions/situations because it allows me to address my issues, fears, and mental barriers and face them head on. When I put my mind in a place of full submission and vulnerability, I am able to overcome problems that arise in my daily life. I am a spontaneous, intuitive, and aware individual who wants nothing more then for everyone to feel the power of love. More specifically, finding that self-love, so that you have the opportunity to love others at an even greater level. I am on this website in search of providing as much sweat and value as I can for the host. You are opening up part of your life so that I can be apart of it, and that is inspiring. Whatever you need me to do, I will perform that task with as much enthusiasm and effort that I physically can exude. Not only do I want to provide you with as much value as I possibly can furnish, but I want to create a meaning relationship with you, so that we can advance our relationship past the Workaway platform.

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    I am a physically active, healthy and extroverted individual with great people skills. Any type of labor that you are willing to put in front of me, I will perform it well. I will execute on my actions in the most purposeful and proactive way, directed with eager attention. I have an extensive knowledge in the realm of photography and anything regarding it that I am not familiar with, I will be eager to learn about it so that I can be of as much service to you and your company. I am currently attending Appalachian State University in the high country of Boone, North Carolina. I am majoring in sustainable technology with a minor in photography. This is the path that I chose for myself because as much as I would like to major in photography, I wanted to be more well rounded and get a science/math based degree. With this degree, it will also allow me to CREATE the change that we need to see in the world, and ultimately provide me with a sense of purpose. I know that through my love and passion of photography I will be able to work hard to learn more about photography/videography work outside of school, because for me, it isn't work when it fills my life with joy. I focus my attention on MAKING, rather than taking photographs. Photography is a tool that I use to capture a decisive moment, and through being mindful and living in the moment, it makes capturing the shot immensely easier. If you aren't living in the HERE & NOW, how do you make that photograph at that specific moment when it needs to be made. Its a decision. In a sense, I can look at myself as being an anthropologist along with being a creator. To add to that, I have an understanding on how to bring traffic back to your social media platforms through providing value to the consumer in a truthful and authentic way. This creation of brand loyalty allows the cultivation of brand awareness surrounding your business. It all comes down to having a mindset that is based upon thinking macro as opposed to micro. There are many specific strategies that I can show you in which you can use in the future to build organic reach and loyal consumers. Most specifically, strategies regarding how to thrive in todays day and age of social media. Social media is where the attention is at, and that is an area in which I can help your organization thrive.

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