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    I am Sophie, 24 years old. My family and friends would describe me as a person who is always in need of harmony, who is open-minded, and who is motivating and enthusiastic. I always try to be optimistic. Seeing me pessimistic practically never happens. I am a trustworthy and reliable person. Some of my friends say that I am a rather calm person, meaning that when they spend time with me they are able to relax and calm down. I have a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts and English Studies. Currently, I continue with my Master's studies for becoming a teacher at secondary schools. I also work as a theatre pedagogue. I would say that I am a very emphatic person who is able to put oneself in other’s place. When problems arise, I tend to ask for conversation in order to understand the other person’s perspective and solve issues one may have.
    An aspect which I dislike about me is that I tend to overthink situations and problems which often hinders me to just say what's going on in my mind or risking going abroad. So for me, workaway seems to be a little adventure I want to risk in order to leave my "non-risky-calm" comfort zone.

    I am very creative. I love doing handcrafts. I knit myself socks, jumpers, and warm hats. I’d say I have a creative mind in the kitchen when it comes to making up a meal out of only some ingredients. I also like to rearrange my room, exchanging some clothes items with some of my friends in order to change my perspectives regularly. I like reading books or listen to certain podcasts. When listening to them, I either do some long walks in nature or knit. Additionally, I like to learn and speak languages. I am studying English, but I know that I can still improve my language skills in English. My mother tongue is German. In school, I learned French.

    In Germany, I live in a city with about 200,000 inhabitants. I grew up in an area in Germany where nature is directly in front of one's door. Going for a walk in the forest or even climbing a mountain is usual there. I often miss these experiences in my daily city life.
    I would like to go to Norway and/or Sweden to experience nature and a calm atmosphere as I did in my childhood. A few years ago, I spent two holidays in Sweden with my family. I remember the beauty of nature and the way how people took life at a slower pace which impressed me much. In university I also took an A1 Swedish course; so, I know some basic vocabularies. Norway is a country I've never been to before, but I am curious to make similar positive experiences as I did in Sweden.

    In school I participated in two school exchanges in the United States and in Italy. During my studies, I already spent two months both in Great Britain and Ghana and worked as a Teaching Assistant. These two stays let me grow. Especially in Ghana I started to reflect on my privileges as a white person living in a Western country. I began to question matter of courses and got an insight into different, less-privileged lives. I think that traveling, coming out of one's comfort zone, and meeting new people always takes you further in life. Due to Covid-19, it's been a long time since I've left my comfy students life in Germany. That is why I signed up on Workaway.

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    Working as a pedagogue is my passion. It always motivates me to see how encouraging and progressive pedagogical work can be for young people. When I am into something (e.g. knitting, walks in nature, cooking), I am good at inspiring other people for it. I am very enthusiastic when it comes to Arts and speaking languages. However, I am truly open-minded to discover new artistic fields and especially improve my English language. I would like to have conservations with English-speaking people coming out of my comfort zone. I am a very structured person. I like to have a plan which is often very helpful, but sometimes it is leading me to overthink situations. I am tidy and tend to keep my room clean and tidy. I am used t live in shared flats, so I am open to spending several evenings together with other people, but sometimes I also like to be on my own and just read a book or watch a film.

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