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    hi there, i'm obi from germany. by now i'm 36 years years old/young, i wonder when that happened, and i live in the scenic vibrant city of leipzig, in the east-part of germany.

    for a living i work for a travelling-bakery, meaning that during the summer-season we go to festivals and town-fairs, where we set up our stall, and bake our specialty (bread filled with cheese, besides other things, in a firebrick oven). in november/december we work christmas-markets. in between it's time to explore, to read, to sleep in, whatever it is that suits me in that moment. going to the markets for this company is like going on a trip with friends, it's busy and fun and chaotic. i enjoy being able to go to all these festivities in all the different parts of germany. and of course, working only part-time is a luxury i really got accustomed to, and don't want to miss. in recent years, when i felt i needed to get out of the city for a while, i volunteered in really cool community-farms, in spain, and portugal, it's a good feeling to know that time and again i'll have the opportunity to go for little adventures, if i want to.

    what else?
    I love literature. different worlds. different perspectives.
    I love photography. the feelings pictures can transmit.
    I love science. quantum mechanics, neuro-science. psychology, tech, crypto, environmenal-science, post-growth-economy-science, biosphere-science like gaia-hypothesis, and the increasing need to combine them with one another, and to look from different angles. sometimes i'm in awe of the mysteries that sciences scratch upon. our ignorance they show us. and the visions & ideas which come attached to them. some of my heroes are scientists, like hans-peter dürr and niko paech.
    I love sports. cycling, skiing, skating, hiking, speedminton, tennis. doing sports is a way for me to reach the 'flow', where I don't have to think. i broke my collarbone recently, so now as a brand-new hobby i discovered going for walks. i was never into that before. but actually it's quite relaxing, who would have thought so. (yeah, i do probably get a little old here..)
    I love travelling. I love volunteering. for all it's thousand reasons. for the adventures. for the opportunities to dive into foreign worlds & perspectives & mindsets.

    I love different approaches to life. DIY, no-consumerism, liberty of expression, community-life..

    thank's for reading my profile and considering having me.

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    people's skills: i'd say i'm friendly, empathetic and trustworthy. also i would consider myself responsible.

    gardening: preparing beds, building high beds, soil preparation, like mixing manure in, mulching, seeding, transplanting, thinning, weeding, picking, tree planting, creating terraces..

    animal care: herding and milking goats. feeding farm animals. cleaning out stables

    building: building with cob, with nature stones and cement. building terraces, creating beds and fences, building with cans and concrete, building with mud and straw, building simple structures

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    thanks for being open enough to participate in this project. and thanks for considering having me.

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