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    Reading, traveling, good food and good music, Series and movies, dancing and see new countries and meet new people.

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    Île Cavallo, France
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    Hello! :)

    My name is Marie and I´m 19 years old. Ever since I was a little kid I`d love to go on adventures and learn about new countries and their cultures. Meeting people from all around the world and connect, grow and learn on a daily basis sounds like a dream for me.

    People often tell me that I´m an outgoing and open person on the one hand and a calm and sometimes little introverted on the other hand. I try to constantly work on myself and take on new challenges but it is not always that easy. Moving outside of my comfort zone will be challenging but I´m ready to take on that challenge.
    Traveling the world alone is (of course!) scary at first but I think overcoming that fear and just doing it could show me a lot about the world and also about myself.
    I would not only discover places I´ve never been to before but also learn new things about me that could help me a lot later on life.
    I think getting out there, seeing the world, meeting new people, learn about new cultures and traditions is one of the most important and amazing things to do.

    Being raised with an mixed household - my mom´s side is german and my father´s side is french - I early on discovered that I had an ear for languages which is one of the things I hope to especially learn more during my trip. I currently speak English and German fluently, I understand some french and are able to speak just a little bit and I had Spanish in middle school all the way up to my A-Levels but are not quite sure how much I can actually still speak or understand. But I would like to re-fresh my Spanish, extend my French, train my English and perhaps learn a completely new languages as well. :)

    I would love to be a part of your world for a little while and learn, see, experience, live and also I would like to bring a little bit of my culture with me along the way. It is going to be an exciting experience!

    Greetings and salutations

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  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I have finished my A-levels last year and sadly because of Covid-19 I did not have the chance to start traveling earlier than this year.
    As I mentioned before I speak German and English fluently, had Spanish since grade seven but i´m not quite sure how much stuck and grew up hearing and speaking french but sadly I don't speak that fluently anymore.

    I am also a good cook and maybe even a better baker. I had the amazing opportunity to work in a restaurant during school and I picked up a few skills there. I live alone since January 1st, 2021 so doing the laundry and cleaning are not a problem for me. I am able to keep things organized and I´ve been doing my own grocery shopping since the age of fourteen.
    I grew up in Berlin with my mom as a single parent, full-time working. Therefore I picked up some skills to help myself in unknown cities and ask for help if needed.
    I am always interested in little DIY´s and - since we moved around a lot - I am able to paint the wall in any color necessary, put together any type of furniture (as long as it´s not to heavy) and install or hang up any kind of decoration.

    Our family has a little wine vineyard and every year we help to harvest the grapes. I always had a lot of animals around me growing up so I am not afraid to do the work, muck out the stall, feed the chickens or walk the dogs. I actually like it a lot since I thing animals are very precious. I myself have two dogs, a little one and one medium sized and we also had two big dogs in the past.

    I have my drivers license for almost a year now and I know how to drive a bulldog (little version of a tractor).
    I can lend a hand and don't have a problem with getting a little bit dirty now and then.

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    Deutsch: Fließend
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    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse
    Französisch: Grundkenntnisse

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    I want to teach languages I already speak fluently such as German and English and learn new ones such as French, Spanish (and some others as well).

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    I love to read any book I can get my hands on. I am also a fan of movies (especially movies from the 80´s/90´s) and series in different languages.
    I like good music and I love to eat good food.
    I´ve danced since I was three years old but I am not doing it professionally anymore, only in my free-time as a hobby.
    I enjoy interesting and insightful conversations, play Kanaster (a card game my grandparents taught me) every now and then and like to express my, more average, artistic talent here and there.

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      Pollen and Grasses here in Germany, some animals but not always

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      I substitute my diary products for soy products (Milk and Yoghurt mainly)