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    Planning to do a road trip with my vespa (50km/h) from Nürnberg to Sicily in September. I would love to have an adventure and travelbuddy, so feel free to text me :)

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    Germany - von Sep 2022 bis Sep 2022
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    Hi, I'm Lola :) I'm from Germany and 19 years old. I'm just back from my first long term solo trip to Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico and already trying to plan my next adventure. I would love to make more beautiful workaway experiences, make new friends from all over the world and work hard while seeing the beauty of countries I have only dreamed about but never been to. If you're looking for a travel buddy, a volunteer or just a person to talk to, hit me up :)

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    First of all, I love to draw. After working abroad, I want to study fashion design. So, I am already practicing a lot in order to once become a professional artist. I already have experience in Photoshop and video editing. So I am very much looking forward to joining an art project.

    As the digital native that I am (born in 2002) I have a lot of experience in managing social media accounts. I always get a lot of positive feedback when I post videos or photos of my travel destinations, hostels that I have been to or photos of my hometown. So I am sure that I could manage and contribute to your social media with impressive photographs and aesthetic videos.

    I have two sisters, a younger one and an older one. Me and my older sister always looked after our sweet little Nora, when she was younger.
    I also have two cats, but don´t worry I love dogs as much as cats. I simply love every animal (that´s why I am a vegetarian by the way, I hope that isn´t a problem for you). So I would love to look after your pets!

    Unfortunately, I don´t have any experience in working in a hostel yet. However, I would love to work in a hostel. About two years ago, I stayed in my first hostel as a sixteen year old girl - all by my own. Since then, I have been madly in love with the hostel life. I cannot get over how stunning the atmosphere in hostels is. I did not feel scared as a sixteen year old staying alone in a house full of strangers - because they were no strangers, but friends. It is always like a second home, a second family.
    It would be my biggest dream to make sure that your guests experience the same magical hostel experience as I always do when staying at a hostel.
    I would love to be part of your fabulous atmosphere that you create every day!

    I had English lessons in school since third grade. I will finish my last school year (the 13th grade) this summer 2021. That leaves me with eleven years of practicing how to speak and write in English. Over the past years, I have written a lot of articles, letters, essays etc. for school, so if you are looking for any help in writing anything, I am here for you :)
    (my average grade in writing texts in English is an A)

    And last but not least, my family can prove that I am great at cooking. I love to eat - so I tried to learn as many meals as possible :) People also love my cupcakes or in general everything that I bake.
    (but please note, I can only make vegetarian meals - I can ensure that they taste wonderfully, even though there is no meat in it)

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    I have great interest in learning about foreign cultures and languages. I think the ability to communicate world wide and with people with a complete different background is just unbelievably beautiful and desirable. That´s why I am eager to improve my English skills and my very little Spanish skills. Me gusta mucho aprender Español. Puedo entender mucho, pero para mi es muy dificil hablar Español. Sin embargo, tengo muchas ganas de aprender!

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    Since I am five years old, I dance ballet. Nowadays, I have ballet lessons twice a week. So if you need somebody to teach ballet or just an aupair that likes to dance with your kids, I would be excited to do that.
    I also like to play soccer in my free time :)

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      I am a vegetarian, so I do not eat animals. But don´t worry - I am fine with everything else :)