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    Hello everyone,
    my name is Emilia and I am 21 years old. I grew up in Germany, next to Berlin. I now do my bachelor in Goettingen in social sciences and I still use workaway to travel in between the semesters. I finished the Waldorfschool in spring 2019. After school I went travelling for half a year around europe (italy, greece, france) and made many great and interesting experiences on workaway.
    I really enjoyed being part of all these different families or groups of people, that work on one project or just try to maintain their household with the help of others. That's why I decided to sign up on this wonderfull website, because I'm not looking for a normal kind of vacation o, but for something where I can be in direct contact with the people and the culture of a certain country.
    I would describe myself as a person, who is interested in many different fields and who is able to adapt various situations and cultures. I'm very open minded and not picky. I'm looking forward to interesting conversations, and funny moments with new people, because that's almost the most important thing for me in life. Having fun, not taking oneself to seriously and living life to it's fullest.
    With workaway I am looking for new challenges and experiences with new and different people. I would love to broaden my horizons in order to get to know myself and the world around me better. I want to give myself the time to learn from other peoples lives, sutiations and challenges and to collaborate with them.

    I don't accept any kind of discrimination against anyone and I have an open and tolerant mindset towards the world and everyone in it.
    I hope this little portrait of myself helped you to get to know me better and to get an impression of me and my interests, so that you can decide wether you can consider me as a volunteer or not.
    Thank you very much for your time and I hope to see you soon!

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    I am experienced in different types of work.
    While my six months trip threw eureupe I worked on many different things. I helped around the house and took responsibility in taking care of a child. I was also responsible in feeding and taking care of about 150 dogs, some donkeys, horses, pigeons and ducks (sonds silly but was fun) at an animal rescue on my own, which was a very demanding but enriching task. At other workaways I mostly took part in cunstruction work and work around the garden.
    In summer 2020 I worked fot two months in Calais in the north of France, in an NGO (collective aid), that supported refugees with non food items, beeing clothes, shoes, blankets and tents. Working with people-on-the-move really opened my eyes about the deficiancy in politics and how they are dealing with the so called "refugee crisis", which lead to my decision to study sociology and political science.
    I also worked in social facilities, with handicapped people and with children. These kind of experiences really changed my personality and my view on life. Beeing with people, who are so direct and who do not judge you, was a very formative experience for me.
    To gain some money during scool I worked in a coffee shop as well and after school I woked two moths in a kindergarden, and I really loved the work with children.
    Six years ago I learnded diving with my family. I made the advanced open water diver last year and diving became a big passion of mine.
    In addition to that, I love to paint and draw or to be crative in any kind of way. I speak english pretty good and french as well, because I had a six months long exchange to Fance, when I was 15 years old.

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    I'm a vegetarian and I really try to live sustainable and eco friendly. My response quote is that low because I wasn't looking for any travels the last six months :) I usually responde quite quickly..

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