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    Hi 😊
    My name is Karolien! Who am I? That’s a good question and figuring it out is the quest of my life. I love existing on this absurd planet with all its ups and downs. I want to be able to openly talk about everything and I’ll always be interested in everyone’s opinion as long as there is respect for everyone involved. I only have my own perspective, and I want to broaden that with yours. Teach me something, give me space to grow, a happy or peaceful environment to flourish in. Make me move my limits, let my body be tired after a day of physical work, or my tummy well-fed after a home-cooked meal shared together.
    I don’t want to romanticize travel, but I love it. Good or bad, life-changing, or a bit boring at times. I just hope you’ll let me be a part of your story.

    I won't lie and tell you I'm very skilled but I do believe a lot of things can be done with the right guidance, an open mindset, and the will to learn!

    Some facts about me:
    - I’m 21 years old
    - I had my first intercultural experience when I was 15. I went on exchange to Italy for 3 months with AFS. It opened my eyes to the beauty not only of the world but of other people and cultures.
    - Since then I've worked as an AFS Flanders volunteer, welcoming more than 300 students each year from all over the world on our national camps
    - I can be very peaceful at times and although I love talking a lot, I do enjoy time spend quietly (whether it’s by myself or together) just to relax and think.
    - I'm passionate about equality, feminism, history and art (especially paintings), and always interested when somebody is willing to share their knowledge with me.
    - I can happily spend hours in the kitchen, although not everything turns out equally edible.
    - I’m a vegetarian (since my host family in Finland I stayed with during my gap year was vegetarian, and I liked the change, I’ve remained vegetarian for the two years since)
    - I truly try to live more sustainable and think about my impact on the world.
    - For the past year I've been studying philosophy, the year before that it was tourism, and the year before that psychology.
    - Oh yes, and in between I took a gap year thinking I would have everything figured out after that...

    Do you like laughing at clumsy people? Are you brave enough to try the things I prepare in the kitchen? Do you have any animals that I can bother? Will I be more of a welcome future friend than a preferably silent ‘helping guest’? If the answer to any of these is YES, there's a good chance we'll get along!
    There is always more to a person, I wouldn’t know what to tell you first so hopefully based on all of this you’ll give me a chance, and maybe get to know me a bit more.

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    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten
    Betreuung von Tieren

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    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Karitative Arbeit
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    Language (although English isn't my mother tongue I love checking texts or writing posts so if you need anything like that done, I'd love to)
    Cooking and baking
    Cleaning (I know how to do everything that's not above and beyond)
    Taking care of animals (basic tasks or more with clear instructions)
    Physical work
    Hospitality (I've worked in multiple tourism related places)

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    English: Fließend
    Dutch: Fließend
    French: Gute Kenntnisse
    Italian: Grundkenntnisse

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    Freestyle dance parties
    Contemplating life
    Any board or card game
    I wash the dishes or walk my dog when I need deep relaxation

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Wearing this shirt to support my dad on his 4th triathlon. (Something I don't dream of doing myself but definitely admire)
As a leader of the youth movement Chiro, I've spend my sundays during the last 4 years of my life entertaining kids, often getting a bit dirty or painted in the process.
These are some of the youngest kids we entertain and this picture was taken on our yearly summer camp in July.
My beautiful Italian host family in Napoli
After going on exchange in 2014 to Italy with AFS Intercultura, I became a volunteer for the students coming to Belgium (Flanders) on exchange. The national weekends are some of my favorite because the other volunteers and all the students are so excited, you always meet so many people from all over the world, and as a volunteer, we try our best to support them and help them make the best of their journey (like we tried ourselves)
This is me, 2 other AFS volunteers and our exchange students, from Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico and the other ones didn't fit on the picture :D we organised a kayaking trip and for many of them it was something they had never done before so it was a lot of fun