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    Love reading, meeting new people, arts & learning culture, enjoying music, dancing, going to museums, sightseeing, watching sunrise & sunset.

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    I love traveling, meeting new people, reading, learning, dancing, trying out new restaurants, painting, a good glass of wine, and music. I listen to all kinds of music all the time (I'm one of those people with playlists for every mood!) I enjoy finding beauty in everyday life and marveling at our magical world, an optimist in that way.

    I am motivated by my vision to live in a world where we can appreciate and respect each other without judgment. I enjoy going to galleries, chasing the sunrise & sunset, photography, blogging, writing, having long conversations about life with friends and strangers alike, yoga, meditating, and a whole lot of other activities.

    I have a Master's in Organizational Leadership and my undergrad is in Biology (pre-med). I use my education, skills, and experience to serve individuals and companies alike. I'm a problem solver, strategized, and have a knack for leadership and service. I'll be traveling and working from my laptop and providing value along the way. I am determined, ambitious, easy-going, kind, generous, and will always find something to laugh (and make you) about.

    I'm a Trauma-Informed Life Coach that absolutely loves helping people transform their lives, find freedom, and live on their terms. I am also a Navy veteran, was in the service for 5 years. I have worked in many different industries from education, law, customer service, food industry, childcare, aviation, science field, working on houses (fixing, painting, installing drywall, tiles)

    I can help with anything business-related, childcare & animal care, working on a farm, fixer-uppers, sustainability projects, NGOs, social media, strategy and structure, and a little bit of life coaching :)

    I'm looking to meet and connect with people from different cultures both locals and foreigners. I love getting to know people so you can say it's one of my favorite things to do.

    I'd love a cultural exchange experience where I can learn about my host and their country and vice versa. I'd like to work in the hospitality industry, office work, hostel, bar/cafe, gallery-as I said I'm pretty flexible and adaptable.

    I have worked with children of all ages and loved it. I also come from a big family with lots of kids. I love learning from children, seeing them grow, and helping them find who they are. Part of the reason I decided to start traveling is that I wanted to reconnect with the little kid in all of us. After the military and playing the "game" I was exhausted with the modern way of living and needed something different to ignite my passion for life once again. Solo travel has been a saving grace for me, so I decided to start doing it full-time.

    Learning from nature, animals, children, adults, the elderly, and everyone/everything that comes my way is sort of how I live my life. Being open to new experiences and adventures (good or bad) has allowed me to connect deeply with the Universe.

    I hope to serve you in whatever capacity and needs you have, as I learn from you and vice versa. I believe we all have something the other person needs and we can always enrich each others' lives.

    Reach out if any of this resonates with you!

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    I am pretty easygoing and can help with anything. I'm a fast learner and quite adaptable. I enjoy working with teams and organizations- strategizing, planning, restructuring programs, creating new ones, managing and maintaining cohesive and effective teams.

    I'm also pretty good with my hands- mechanical work, painting, hospitality, working on a farm, front desk assistant, I can help build houses, etc. I'm really good with people, strategic, organized, and a great problem solver.

    I'm versatile, focused and would love to partner up on your projects!

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    The world is such a beautiful place. After working and going to school for almost three decades, I realized that I wanted to make seeing the world a priority. We only have one life and I'm determined to enjoy what it has to offer. I'm originally from Kenya now living in America, I've always been a traveler but this year I decided to become a digital nomad. I am excited to meet and live amongst locals. I'm obsessed with multiculturalism, learning about other people's way of life, and appreciating it. I joke around and tell my friends and family that I'm a world citizen awaiting to discover adventure.

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