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  • Reiseinformationen

    Ich bin gerade

    unterwegs auf Reisen

    Tätigkeiten, die mich interessieren:

    hiking, playing frisbee, cooking, dancing, going for a walk, doing yoga, climbing

  • Beschreibung

    Hey together!

    I would be very happy if we meet! I am sure we can become friends, exchange knowledge, visions and ideas of how to live life.

    I like :
    > celebrating the simple things and taking time for them
    > cooking and eating together, healthy food (beans, salads, muesli, fruits, german "vollkornbrot" = wholegrainbread)
    > having fun at work
    > respect
    > listening
    > people trying honestly to understand the motivation of peoples actions
    > walking barefoot
    > any kind of sports activities, being in nature, hiking, playing frisbee
    > meditation
    > different styles of movement (dancing, martial arts, etc.)
    > poems, rap and elegant songtexts
    > singing, making music, dancing
    > sustainability and saving resources

    I am at a journey through Central- and South-America. My profession is dance teacher. I am interested in other cultures, every kind of movement and sport, meditation, nature and animals. I worked in big kitchens, on farms, in restaurants, in dance schools, building lots, etc...

    I am definitely a "group-person"!

    Skills I am helpful most:
    > cooking in big kitchens, cleaning, using kitchen machines
    > construction work, woodcraft, using hammer, spate, axe, saw, impact wrench, ...
    > house holding, cleaning
    > giving sport lessons for every age, in dance, juggling, yoga, gymnastics

    Like to share:
    > languages
    > physical training
    > life stories
    > smiles
    > adventurous hikes

    I have worked for several hosts and jobs, on a farm in Italy taking care for goats, farms in southern or northern Germany, Permaculture Center in Panama. Every time it was a unique and wonderful experience, I always learned a lot and had a great time. I helped with gardening, building a big solar system on a rooftop, a tree house, a green house, or taking care for goats, chickens, horses, ducks.

    When I get the change to help you with your project, your house, center, hostel, garden, ... I am sure we will be on good terms, you can talk with me about any wishes, problems or needs.

    ----- More about me --------

    I am looking for an adventure, I want to leave the well known behind, open up to the great unknown and am curious where the path will lead me and how life plays out.

    I want to do something meaningful, to give back a little for all the joy and the happiness I have in my life. I want to engage in social and ecological projects, help preserving nature and help people (and me) to reach their inner goals.

    This journey is one of my biggest dreams. I knew I wanted to do it since I am ... uh since forever. Challenging myself, seeing what will happen to me travelling alone and free, meeting people which I would not have met if a had stayed at home is what I hope to gain from this journey. I know a little how life works out here in Germany, but there is so much more to see. I want to broaden my horizon. I want to breath the air of other continents, swim in unknown rivers, climb on trees I have never seen before.
    I want to go on a journey across the world, learn about the food, the traditions and the way people are. I want to find out how they talk, eat, live, celebrate, love, move... I will start in Central America, but where I will go next is undecided. I really want to see the forests and the seaside, different cities and towns. So far I don't know much about Panama, so I would be very happy about any tip where to go.

    How to say in a few words who I am? Lets try. I am convinced that humans are deeply good. I believe everybody tries their best to help the world, make the best out of their lives and want themselves and the people around them to grow and to be happy.

    I AM FROM:
    I grew up in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. Accordingly I am a city kid, used to crowded streets, trafic jam, the contrast between poverty and luxury... Now I live in Hamburg where I finished my three year education as a dance and gymnastic teacher. There I learned how to move, to feel my body and my boundaries, but also what it means to live in shared flats, studying, taking care of myself and being in a relationship. Family and social life is very important for me, so I often call my parents and grandparents, visit my sister or my old friends and have a walk or a chat with my flatmates.
    The people in Germany put a lot of focus on careers and degrees, and that's okay, but sometimes it is very fast and harsh. We talk a lot about cars and insurances, 'Bausparvertrag', taxes, pensions ... sometimes it is a bit annoying.
    Anyway... my favorite foods are Muesli, vegetable pan, Vollkornbrot and fresh mixed salads.

  • Interessengebiete

    Segeln / Boote
    Yoga / Wellness
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Darstellende Künste
    Heimwerken & DIY

  • Bereiche, die mich interessieren oder in denen ich anderen etwas beibringen kann

    Interessiert mich:  

    Karitative Arbeit
    Heimwerker- und Bauarbeiten

    Bereits etwas Erfahrung vorhanden  

    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
    Handwerkliche Arbeiten

    In der Lage, anderen etwas beizubringen:  

    Zubereiten / Kochen von Mahlzeiten für die Familie
    Hilfe mit Computer /Internet
  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    > cooking in big kitchens, cleaning, using kitchen machines
    > construction work, woodcraft, using hammer, spate, axe, saw, impact wrench, ...
    > house holding, cleaning
    > giving sport lessons for every age, in dance, juggling, yoga, gymnastics

  • Sprachen

    Gesprochene Sprachen
    Deutsch: Fließend
    Englisch: Fließend
    Spanisch: Grundkenntnisse

    Mehr Infos zu meinen Sprachinteressen
    I want to teach english and german - I want to learn better spanish and improve my english vocabulary

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    ... I don't know. Sometimes silence is the best answer.

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    • Allergien
      to some pollen of trees

    • Spezielle Ernährung
      vegetarian; and I would prefere regional and sasional food




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