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    **I am fully vaccinated (with a booster!)**

    Hello! My name is Nathan - I'm super excited to come help out on your farm/homestead in the beautiful Colorado countryside.

    I moved to Denver in September, 2021, before getting laid off from my job at the CDC (go figure!), and now have time to do some outdoor/manual labor before I dive back in!

    I'm a very laid back guy, but I also work hard when the time calls for it. I'm a sociable introvert - I love people, but I also need my alone time.

    I've been volunteering at Ekar, an organic farm, and it's been great, but the growing season is coming to a close, and there isn't any more work to be done on the farm for now! Hence my entry into the workaway ecosystem.

    I'm looking to help out on your farm or homestead, doing carpentry, cleaning, cooking, building, repairs, general upkeep & maintenance, or anything else you can think of.

    In my spare time, I like to hike, workout, cook, read, watch tv/movies, and make music (I have a melodica and two harmonicas I carry around with me, and can play the piano). I also dance lindy hop and can teach you to dance if that's something you'd like!

    Hope to hear from you.


    Workaway, for me, is primarily about learning new skills, completing interesting projects, and self-development through exposing myself to new situations/ways of living, but I also like getting to know new people, exploring and having fun.

    I'm curious, quiet, determined, hard-working, empathetic, and at times silly. I am not shy - but I often get lost in the inner world of my thoughts and emotions. This affords me the ability to come up with creative ideas, and I realize them through logical problem solving.

    One thing I would like from my hosts is direction, with clear goals and tasks. without direction, I'm not likely to get much done, but when I have a clear objective, completing it becomes a point of personal passion.

    Meyers-Briggs type:
    INTJ (Introverted - Intuitive - Thinking - Judgement)
    That means I am introverted (spend more time focusing on my internal world than the external), and prefer to ask the question "why?" as opposed to "what?" or "how?". When faced with a challenge (and I thrive on challenges) I prefer to sit down and design a good solution to the problem . Once I/we have constructed a vision and plan of action, I execute the vision with a great deal of determination and effort until the job is done :)

    From the description of INTJs (
    "With the direction of a properly liberal manager, INTJs will establish themselves in a position of expertise, completing their work not with the ambition of managerial promotion, but for its own intrinsic merit.

    INTJs require and appreciate firm, logical managers who are able to direct efforts with competence, deliver criticism when necessary, and back up those decisions with sound reason. Titles mean little to INTJs – trust and respect are earned, and INTJs expect this to be a two way street, receiving and delivering advice, criticisms and results.

    INTJs are brilliant analysts, and will likely gather a small handful of trusted colleagues to involve in their brainstorming sessions... But more likely, INTJs will simply take the initiative alone – INTJs love embracing challenges and their consequent responsibilities, and their perfectionism and determination usually mean that the work comes out clean and effective, affording INTJs the twin joys of solitude and victory."

    If that sounds like someone you want around, fantastic! Send me a message :)

    I'm really interested in learning more about sustainability, building/woodworking, farming, and cooking. I love to work with my hands, and to cook all styles and all cuisines - vegetarian and vegan, and sometimes raw 0o but I love a good burger too. Basically I'm interested in anything that is involved with building a house, or running a (at least partially) self-sustaining farm.

    I prefer whole, unprocessed foods. I don't label myself as a vegan or vegetarian (although I am perfectly fine with eating vegan/vegetarian).

    WORKAWAY EXPERIENCE (In reverse chronological order):

    --- Schoolhouse renovations with Amy & Tomas (4 weeks) ---
    - Painted a road sign & built a frame for the sign
    - Renovated windows = scraped paint off old windows, reapplied putty to frame, and painted
    - Gardening
    - Cooking

    --- Martin in Vaxholm (1 week) ---
    - Built custom shaped wall with insulation to cover up holes in the garage.

    --- Jokimaja Bed & Breakfast, Levi, Finnish Lapland (3 months) ---
    My last workaway at Jokimaja bed & breakfast was perfect. I loved the vision of the project (personalized service, unique experience, home-like atmosphere & great food). We had a great working relationship. We would meet as a team to come up with ideas, and then I would go work them out independently. Lastly, we got along great on a personal level, which I realized is important when I live and work together and in the same place.

    - Cut and hand painted wood signs for the street
    - Cooked breakfast and dinner for guests (made bread, smoothies, prepared dinners including salmon, curry, soups, vegan/raw desserts)
    - Designed and made hand drawn chalk board menus for the cafe
    - Designed flyers for events, brochures, menus
    - Made repairs and improvements to B&B and cafe
    - Set up internet router and repeaters to provide WIFI for 2 separate buildings
    - Shopped for food for restaurant, Carried wood, Heated sauna, Cleaned B&B

    --- Essentis Bio-hotel, Berlin, Germany (1 month) ---
    - Database manipulation writing excel macros
    - Food prep
    - Dish washing
    - House-keeping

    --- Angloville, Poland (1.5 weeks) ---
    - Taught English to Polish business men and women

    --- Apartment renovations, Hannover, Germany (5 days) ---
    - Put plaster on the walls
    - Put on wallpaper
    - Made wooden boards for the perimeter of the walls

    --- House renovations, Geseke, Germany (1 week) ---
    - Replaced the insulation in the ceiling
    - replaced the wooden boards of the ceiling

    Played a really fun show with a reggae band on halloween, taught calculus/math to high schooler kids, programmed a digital mixer for a music tech company, prepared food for homeless in a shelter in Oakland, taken blues dancing lessons, started an online piano teaching business, released two vampire rap albums with my friends, and froze my ass off at a rave in Lake Tahoe!


    couchsurfing profile:

    Thanks for reading,

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    I would love to learn more about construction/building, woodworking, farming - anything to do with running a sustainable farm or homestead. It would be cool to dig into a 1-2 week long project that we could run start to finish, but happy to jump in at any stage of a work in progress. At previous workstays, I have done woodworking, gardening, farming (planting, harvesting, weeding, washing, trimming, prepping beds, etc), cooking, design (for web), and cleaning. Specific examples are creating signs/menu boards for cafes, building fencing, cleaning hotel rooms, some light cooking for guests, thieving tomato plants and prepping beds on a farm, among other things.

    My background is in programming and data science.

    Hard worker, motivated.

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    Avid hiker, love to be outdoors. Love working indoors or outdoors. I'm looking for a 2-3 week stint doing manual labor of some sort. I'll be interviewing for data science jobs during this time, so for a couple hours per week I'll be on my computer, but other than that, I'm hoping to help out with some homesteading or farming projects and connect with some genuine, cool, like-minded folks interested in sustainability and DIY! It would be great to learn how to run an organic farm/permaculture farm, or how to be self sufficient to some degree.

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