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    29.08.2019 - 30.11.2019

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    Hello hello ! I'm Sole 🤗
    Thanks for reading 🙏
    Before I start to describe myself or tell you my life's experiences, I would love to connect with you, readers, possible future hosts, friends, family,.. With some deeply part of me, my current intention of life. My intention, also, for this travel and for the opportunities that are been opening with this platform 'workaway':

    Open my heart for love and trust. Connect with this essence we are and learn to live more and more in my light and expand in to the planet. Acceptation, love and compassion.

    I love to swim and discover ourselves travelling through our internal oceans, there that are inside our fisical body. Discovering our inmense emotional and energetic world. And there is not better way for me now that do it travelling in a external way also. ASIA. Feeling, opening myself for all the experience that are gonna appear, conecting with mew places, new people, communities, life's styles, cultures, religions... !!!! :)
    Who am I? I am a person who wants to learn with you, who wants to create together and share with love !! Living and creating in the time together a positive, respectful and comfortable atmosphere

    My name is Sole, I'm 20, Spanish nationality. I was living all my childhood and teenager period in Madrid. Since I was a child I really love to paint, to write, to create art in infinitives ways, and I was so curious about pshicology, haven been taken my attention the way we express ourselves, our behaviour, our way to life, how our body speak... And some experience in the past woke up in myself some question about our existence.... That brought, and still bring it, like answer, the opportunity and open doors to live and to experience in my own one. Speacially when I start to travel around when I was 17.
    I studied social integration, one kind of formation that permit me to work with people that are in risk of social exclusion or already excluded from the society, facilitating a path from them integral well-being.
    The last proyects I was collaborating/working where community proyects. One's that finish just 3months ago we were building with people who live in a marginal hood one social and community center for the hood. I study emocional intelligent aswell, relacionarse with transpersonal psychology. And I really love to work with children. Since I was 14 I have been working with them, like coach, caretaker, monitor...and in this last year I was working in a school like extracurricular teacher and coordinator following.
    Really interested for all these stuff and also also workshops relacionate with yoga, meditation, reiki...
    Nowadays, I am in a comun women proyect, working and connecting online with them.
    I have a special connection with the mountain, and live and work with the land, learn from the reflection of the nature circle.. (one of the things I want of continue practising, learning and enjoying).
    I consider myself one active person! With desire of live, learn and continue discovering the magic treasure of the eternal present
    Open, creative and optimistic, with desire to expand and share with love
    I love music, dance and sing, laugh for pleasure and play
    Warm hugs 🌙☀️❤️

  • Arten von Arbeit

    Handwerkliche Arbeiten
    Hilfe bei Ökoprojekten
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Hilfe mit Touristen
    Karitative Arbeiten
    Sprachen praktizieren
    Hilfe bei Kunstprojekten

  • Was könntest du arbeiten?

    I have a little box stored inside me full of hugs and smiles to give you.
    I love to work with children and teenagers. They teach me to listen, to express and communicate from love and not from fear, to be pacient, to reconnect with my creativity and with the child who lives inside me.
    When I live in the nature, around montains... sea... I feel home, in my place to be... and I really love to serve the Earth, working in orchards with pelmaculture, taking care of the plants, learning step by step to do it more awareness, in a respectful and lovely way with the Planet.
    I take care and work my intrapersonal skills, emotional management and self knowledge, so that they contribute positively to my day by day, of course in my relacionships, creating healthy ald lovely ones. I feel this work start from inside , from that personal work, personal compromisse with yourself; to after can fusionate our potentials in a colective way, in community, in union and cooperation, like a team. I consider myself and open person for that. I love and I bless the power of some people coopertating together puting them energy in the same point to create and making true any dream, proyect ... that brings armony
    I am a flexible, respectful and creative person doing team work, I have also skills to coordinate a group, inspiring people to discover and share them potential and work together from joy !! I have skills to create and materialize proyects which I have heart conection
    In my day by day I practise to have a ecological and sustanible life for every been, so most kind of proyects relacionate with this toppic I really like it.
    Also, this style of life more ecological, connect myself with a more healthy life. I like the sports and the fisical exercise, so I have skill and I can colaborate with reconstruction task or just more fisical activities (like the last social proyect "self-construction of a social and communita "

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    English , Spanish and I understand the italian

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      I am vegetarian