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    It is always very interesting for me to fill this kind of form which asks to describe myself. To put me in words. It is a chance to realize what aspect of my personality are important for me in the moment, how I see myself in the moment and which aspects I want to show to the others, to present myself.

    So... Who is me right now. I would say I am a girl who is on her way to get transformed in a woman right now. The past year was full of many changes and challenges for me. I moved alone into a little vagon in the countryside next to the city where I studied and worked. There was no electricity or tap water but there was real fire in the oven heating my living space and river and lake and forest and birds living just next to me. In their company I felt I am getting closer to the Truth and to myself and I realized that I do not want to continue my studies in the city and that I want to follow my dreams and slowly start to recreate them into reality.

    I will have a little farm in the hills probably in the north of Czech republic. I will create there a beautifull place open to people. Place where they could come back to themselves thanks to nature, animals and to contact with the circle of life. I will make there a room or jurt or just some space for rituals and for making dramatherapy and music and dance workshops. Playing, singing and dancing are things which really make me feel alive and in the contact with the magic of life. I would like to be showing people that everyone can do it and enjoy these beautifull ways of expression.

    I am doing theatre since my childhood and I was amazed by improvisation theatre later. Recently I started a dramatherapy training in a method of Developemental transformations and I think it is very close to the way I want to work with theatre, playing, body and movement. I also love just to dance and improvize in music with people. I like to explore my voice, let melodies emerge through it and create the beautiful conection of people making music together. I play ukulele and a bit of guitar and I try to learn how to play akordeon.

    I studied journalism and environmental studies and then I worked in ecocentre making environmental programs for children in schools and kindergartens. After I was working for two years in a forest kindergarten. That was a very important experience for me, I enjoy company of children a lot. It was very inspiring for me to observe their play and many time as well of course to be active part of it. I think I will create something for children in future like write book or make theatreplay because I am amazed by how they can get into story and into play.

    Right now I am trying to gain some inspiration in the places around Europe which are similar to my vision. I try to earn some money to buy land as well and slowly I am also connecting with the people from my dream area, where I would like to start the project (it is called Rychlebske hory).

    Uf. So this is what I am saying about myself right now. Hope it is coresponding with reality as much as it can though words have sometimes very limited ability to describe reality moreover when the described reality is a living being.

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    Mithilfe auf einem Bauernhof
    Betreuung von Tieren
    Karitative Arbeit

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    Babysitten und Kinderbetreuung
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    I can draw many different little beings from other planets,
    I can let melodies come through my voice,
    I can dance on my own and without music,
    I can build a sand castle,
    I can cook good vegetarian dished,
    I can bake bread,
    I can entertain and educate children,
    I can use my hands to create things or to put things in order or to clean things.
    I can harvest a lot of tomatoes or zukini or eggplans or pumpkins or wine and enjoy it.
    I also made few little building projects in my vagon.
    I can make fire,
    I can enjoy almost any work except working on computer and killing animals or working with meat, any work which has sence

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